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    Advisory Services Welcome to KGRN, your number one source for all things in Advisory Services. KGRN has come a long way from its beginnings in UAE. We now serve customers all over Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and are thrilled that we're able to turn our passion into our website.

    If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to reach us. Phone +97145570204
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    Business Advisory Services 500x 300 advisory services Page

    Business Advisory Services

    The most ideal approach to begin a business in Dubai is to procure a standout amongst the best business advisory in Dubai. These experts are the master of the business…

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    Business Valuation Service 500x 300 advisory services Page

    Business Valuation Service

    Business Valuation in Dubai, UAE stresses high-level financial analysis that should be assumed by a qualified valuation professional with the appropriate authorizations.

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    Business Restructuring Service 500x 300 advisory services Page

    Business Restructuring Service

    KGRN Business Restructuring in Dubai, UAE International is one of the main bodies for business restructuring, business recovery, and insolvency services.

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    Consulting Services in Dubai 500x 300 advisory services Page

    Consulting Services in Dubai

    KGRN Consulting Services in Dubai, UAE is an execution upgrade consultancy with an emphasis on initiative, hierarchical improvement, client administration…

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    Financial Advisory Service 500x 300 advisory services Page

    Financial Advisory Service

    UAE is a key and corporate financial advisory firm devoted to benefiting quality that works in collaboration with its customers in creating dangerously…

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    Feasibility Reports in Dubai 500x 300 advisory services Page

    Feasibility Reports in Dubai

    We are additionally functioning as a management consultant in Dubai. Our feasibility experts are the best practicality think about advisors in UAE…

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    Risk Advisory Service Dubai 500x 300 advisory services Page

    Risk Advisory Service Dubai

    Risk Advisory in UAE accomplice, your business and help you to accomplish your goals viably and productively. We work ace effectively with you. Our Partners…

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    Liquidation And Deregistration Service 500x 300 advisory services Page

    Liquidation And Deregistration Service

    Company Liquidation and Deregistration Services in Dubai process may vary from one UAE Free Zone to another, but still, it is very similar for most of them…

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    Strategy Operation Accounting Service 500x 300 advisory services Page

    Strategy Operation Accounting Service

    Organizations find themselves in a difficult balancing act on two fronts: While deploying ambitious growth strategies and catering for rapidly changing…

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    Human Capital Service Dubai 500x 300 advisory services Page

    Human Capital Service Dubai

    When properly deployed, human capital should result in a high level of productivity, which in turn increases a company’s market position, profits, and…

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    ERP Implementation and Support 500x 300 advisory services Page

    ERP Implementation and Support

    An ERP Implementation and Support in Dubai, UAE programming joins, sorts out, and keeps up the information important for business activities. It rearranges…

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    Mergers and Acquisitions Service 500x 300 advisory services Page

    Mergers and Acquisitions Service

    In order to achieve the synergies of operations, often business house comes together which leads to the achievement of business vision, mission, and goals.

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    Accounting Advisory Service 500x 300 advisory services Page

    Accounting Advisory Service

    Automation has changed the way the world makes, including the field of accounting. However, the inherent value that an accountant adds has not changed…

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    Business Process Restructuring Service 500x 300 advisory services Page

    Business Process Restructuring Service

    An essential aspect of running a successful business is ensuring that the organization stays flexible and agile. International markets and the economies…

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    Corporate Finance Consulting Service 500x 300 advisory services Page

    Corporate Finance Consulting Service

    Business owners need to be ready for all kinds of changes in the business environment. As a result, every business decision you take needs to be well-informed…

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    Corporate Governance Risk Compliance Services 500x 300 advisory services Page

    Corporate Governance, Risk, Compliance Services

    Every company that functions in the UAE must make sure that it meets all the compliance requirements expected of it. Doing so not only makes the company…

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    Strategic Planning

    We cover 14 countries world wide

    The day-to-day requirements of running a business don’t always allow ample time for planning for the future.

    Human Resources

    We stand by our service

    Our human resources specialists can help your clients navigate this complex area of their business and set up policies and protocols for the long term.

    Website and E-Commerce

    In house safe file storage

    Increase website traffic through SEO, or add e-commerce elements to their web presence, we’ll connect them with an expert to help them reach their goals.

    Gain new loan clients

    Bringing you top value

    Through our business advisory services, they’ll improve their business operations and management and be on an accelerated track to traditional financing with you.

    Financial Forecasting

    Any time you need us

    Our consultants can work with your clients to help them better understand their financials and train them on the skills needed to create a forecast for future growth.

    Deeper Engagement

    Focus on your business

    We’ll act as a trusted advisor to the business owner throughout the term of their loan, providing guidance and support to ensure their success.

    Best Advisory Services in UAE

    We will take care of Advisory Services and take the load off you.

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    KGRN with its qualified experts and multidisciplinary expert team has enabled businesses across the country to achieve success through their goals. KGRN team catering services consist of businesses of variable sizes from SMEs to Multinational Corporate in the country.

    KGRN chartered accountants hold high professionals, present in Dubai, UAE. Furthermore, KGRN has qualified auditors (CA), accountants (CPA), and certified financial advisors to help our clients in getting quality services.

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