Mergers and Acquisitions Services in Dubai, UAE

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In order to achieve the synergies of operations, often business house comes together which leads to the achievement of business vision, mission, and goals. Mergers and Acquisitions in Dubai, UAE consists of the combination of companies or assets through various types of financial transactions, acquisition of a smaller firm by giants, tender offers, horizontal mergers, vertical mergers, congeneric mergers, market or product extension merger, conglomeration.

Mergers and Acquisitions Services in Dubai deal will have different ideas about the worth of a target company. Seller Company will tend to value the company at as high of a price possible while the buyer will try to get the lowest price that they can. However, there are legitimate ways to value the companies which include Price-earnings ratio, Enterprise value to sales ratio, replacement costs, and discounted cash flows.

KGRN Mergers and Acquisitions are committed to the following services:

  • Profit estimation report
  • Acquisition due diligence
  • Preparation and analysis of SPAs
  • Feasibility studies