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    VAT Consultancy Service Welcome to KGRN, your number one source for all things in VAT Consultancy Service. KGRN has come a long way from its beginnings in UAE. We now serve customers all over Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and are thrilled that we're able to turn our passion into our website.

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    VAT Consultancy Services in Dubai

    VAT refers to Value Added Tax. It has been considered as a mandated consumption tax on products and enterprises. At present, just about 160 countries have imposed this idea in their country law and the expanding pace of Value Added Tax (VAT) acknowledgment has brought about a higher number of VAT Consultancies the whole way across the globe.

    On the off chance that your business hasn’t been enlisted for VAT benefits, this is the principal vital employment that requirements to complete.

    • Providing an itemized VAT impact tax
    • Training your staff to be well prepared for VAT
    • Evaluates Risks and Protects Assets

    Best VAT Consultancy Services in UAE 

    We will take care of your VAT Services and take the load off you.

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    Documents for VAT Registration min

    At whatever point a business works, guaranteeing for VAT firms in Dubai returns mandate. Understanding this, as of late, the GCC countries have gone into the understanding of actualizing VAT and consented to start the usage by first Jan 2018 with a tax rate collected at 5%.

    Being enlisted under the VAT law characterizes that your business is perceived by the legislature. Presently, to facilitate the procedure, certain order has been made like that of an annual tax section, there exists a VAT piece VAT payment.

    What KGRN VAT consultancy services provide min

    Keeping up VAT accounting in Dubai records is accomplished for following cutting-edge data concerning VAT documenting and to evade pointless tax payment. Any organization enlisted under VAT law regulations will keep up its book of records for a base time of 5 years. The center basics of this book include:

    • Sales and purchase receipt
    • Debit and credit notes
    • Import and fare notes
    • Accounting books
    • Zero-evaluated supplies and purchase
    • Goods gave for private use

    Since VAT is an extra tax that should be paid, it impacts affects the business front. We should see where it impacts the most:


    The progressions or usage of VAT will affect organization structure, managing clients and providers will end up being pivotal.


    The budgetary front will be affected since it would manage the income and legitimate allotment of money to limit the money surge.


    Business procedures and capacities are to be prepared VAT before the usage happens.

    Financial aspects

    Business relations are affected by both the provider’s and clients’ side.

    Therefore, you have seen the different effects that VAT has on the various portions of a business element. Presently, it turns out to be critical to deal with the VAT books appropriately to maintain a strategic distance from any mishaps. At this significant point, a VAT advisor is the thing that you need. A VAT specialist would assist you with managing the most ideal approach to set up the VAT structure that backs out the whole VAT documenting process

    Timely, exact and financially savvy support/VAT advisory services from the VAT Expert for the inquiries or issues went up against by the organizations.

    • VAT effect analysis.
    • Formulating arrangements and planning for proposals intended to give exhortation on tax assessment to customers.
    • VAT Consultant Service through gatherings and discourses.
    • Advisory Service accessible if the need arises.
    • Queries or explanations raised through phone/email will be replied or prompted through phone/email itself.
    • VAT Consultants administration with individual visits to the customs office.
    • Handling industry explicit issues with exact direction to consent to the UAE VAT law.
    • Advisory Services concerning Customs freedom just as assigned zone related issues.

    KGRN VAT Services in Dubai, UAE is a perfect option for you to outsource all your VAT related issues as our skilled team with over 10 years of experience in Dubai, and we had been as faculty at various forums in UAE, follows systematic planning and analysis about the VAT compliance in UAE.

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    Blog VAT Registration and Accounting Services min

    UAE has gone into the universe of Taxes as of late. While Excise Tax was presented with impact from first October 2017, Value Added Tax (VAT) has quite recently followed through from first January 2018.

    The pace of Excise tax for carbonated beverages is pertinent at half and it 100% appropriate for tobacco and caffeinated drinks. Yet, simultaneously the VAT rate is pertinent at only an unimportant pace of 5%, which is the most minimal tax rate among different pieces of the world.

    The UAE organizations are confronting calm various difficulties while actualizing VAT in their business stream to guarantee that they are VAT agreeable. As VAT is a recently embraced idea in the locale, it requires qualified and experienced Tax experts encourage to help the organizations particularly, while going along in the underlying phases of this progress.

    KGRN Group gives experienced chartered accountants as their tax consultancy in Dubai. Tax Experts have pertinent industry explicit involvement with tax collection agreeing to global guidelines.

    Tax Registration Number, or TRN, is a 15-digit number distributed to business substances that total the application procedure and register under the VAT law. It very well may be viewed as the recognizable proof number for the enlistment of VAT with the Federal Tax Authority (FTA).

    A business element in Dubai or the remainder of UAE needs to experience the VAT registration process in the e-entrance propelled by FTA ( So as to acquire the TRN, the organization needs to present the application alongside the duplicate of basic reports like exchange permit, share authentications, MOA and AOA, Power of Attorney (assuming any), identification and Emirates ID of the investors and chiefs, customs registration archives, financial data, for example, income/turnover separation for most recent a year, and so forth.

    At KGRN, we understand the business complexities running from accounting, tax assessment, and VAT services. We give the best VAT consultancy benefits in Dubai, which include:

    • VAT compliance and control
    • Filing and payment
    • Data recording and management
    • Accounting
    • Supplier management
    • Customer management

    We can assist you with

    • Providing an itemized VAT impact tax (free of tax)
    • Training your staff to be well prepared for VAT
    • Recommending changes/refreshes in your accounting framework
    • Recommending changes in your receipt structure and other related reports
    • Educating you on the VAT rates appropriate on every one of your income streams
    • Advising you on the effect of VAT on your progressing ventures.
    • Advising you on the upkeep of information to be VAT agreeable.

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