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    Trademark Registration in Dubai

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    Residents of the accompanying Countries (counting every one of the 28 EU part states) will get their visa upon landing in all UAE air terminals or different purposes of passage. visa services in Dubai are legitimate for 30 days, inexhaustible once.

    • Boosts your credibility and brand loyalty manifold
    • Makes it easier to branch into global markets
    • Allows you to take legal action against copycats

    Best Trademark Registration in Dubai

    We will take care of Trademark Registration in Dubai and take the load off you.

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    Investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world come to the UAE to start their business, leading to high competition. In such a competitive world, companies need to make sure they retain their identity and have clear differentiators to attract more customers and grow their brand.

    If companies aren’t careful, they will soon find their competitors copying their logo and brand name, leading to a detrimental effect on their business. That is why trademark registration in the UAE is so essential. Here’s a look at what trademark registration is about, and how KGRN can help you with it.

    1. Protects your brand identity and loyalty
    2. Helps prevent other companies from copying your brand identity
    3. Boosts your credibility and brand loyalty manifold
    4. Allows you to take legal action against copycats
    5. Makes it easier to branch into global markets

    The documents required for completing the process of trademark registration in the UAE are:

    1. Trademark Logo Copy and design
    2. Trade Licence Copy
    3. Power of Attorney
    4. Passport Copy
    5. Priority Documents
    6. List of Goods and Services
    7. Certificate of Incorporation copy

    For enquiries, call +971 45 570 204 / E-mail:

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    Trademarks are items, such as a brand name, logo, tagline or symbol that helps customers identify a business and the products and services it offers. Trademarks can be anything from a drawing or figure to an ad or product image that helps you differentiate your goods and services. Trademark registration is the process of securing and establishing a trademark or differentiator for your business. The Ministry of Economy of the UAE government helps with registering, renewing, regulating, canceling and authorizing trademarks. However, not all items come under the purview of trademarks in the UAE.

    To register a trademark in the UAE, it must not have any of the following items;

    1. Offensive images or text against religions
    2. Symbols such as flags
    3. Signs like Red Crosses and Crescents
    4. Names and titles of third parties
    5. Direct translations of famous trademarks that do not belong to you

    For enquiries, call +971 45 570 204 / E-mail:

    1. The process of registering a trademark occurs only through the UAE’s Ministry of Economy website
    2. The first step requires you to check whether the trademark already exists similarly.
    3. In case some other company already owns a similar trademark, you will not be able to register yours and hence will have to rework on the design.
    4. If no other trademark exists, then you may proceed with the process of trademark registration.
    5. To access the application form, go to the Ministry of Economy’s Homepage>>e-Services>>Trademarks>>New Applications>>Trademark Registration
    6. Duly fill the application form and upload the supporting documents as required.
    7. Next, you will have to pay the required trademark registration fees through the portal.
    8. After successful submission, the government will review your documents and approve them within 30 days.
    9. Once you have their approval, you will have to publish the same in an official journal or local newspaper.
    10. If no one raises any objection, the Ministry will grant you the required trademark registration certificate.

    For enquiries, call +971 45 570 204 / E-mail:

    Trademark registration is a crucial step crucial to protecting your brand identity. Therefore, it is better if you take the help of a firm or legal experts before applying for the same. KGRN is a renowned group of chartered accountants in the UAE who handle a plethora of services related to running a business. We also have legal experts at our disposal who can help you understand trademark laws in the UAE.

    KGRN is one of the top companies that offer several services related to trademark registration in the UAE. Our team of experts has in-depth knowledge regarding trademark laws in the UAE and will be able to guide you every step of the way. Furthermore, we also have a team of
    lawyers who specialize in Intellectual Property Rights to ensure that you comply with the law while staying protected.

    • We help provide you with international market exposure, and our team of experienced professionals will provide top-notch business advice
    • We have a simple, yet elegant and business-friendly approach which leads to a quick resolution of all issues and queries
    • We offer adaptable and flexible services that will help you with all your legal requirements
    • Provides you with a vehicle to protect your brand identity and loyalty
    • We maintain a high level of privacy regarding your details
    • Help with fast, efficient and effortless registration and processing of all your trademark
    • Full-time access to all our experienced staff

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