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    Payroll Process Services Welcome to KGRN, your number one source for all things in Payroll Process Services. KGRN has come a long way from its beginnings in UAE. We now serve customers all over Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and are thrilled that we're able to turn our passion into our website.

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    Payroll Process And Management in Dubai

    Payroll Process and Management refers to the arrangement of dealing with the wages and pay of the considerable number of employees in a company. It is one of the most significant segments of the Human Resources (HR) division, and accordingly, structures a basic piece of each company.

    The United Arab Emirates is an attractive business sector for companies and is rushed by individuals from everywhere throughout the world consistently. With a populace of more than 9 million, the country handles a huge utilized workforce.

    • Security and Confidentiality
    • Cost-Effectiveness
    • Evaluates Risks and Protects Assets

    Best Payroll Process and Management in Dubai

    We will take care of your Payroll Process and Management and take the load off you.

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    Security and Confidentiality

    An appropriate Payroll work mitigates the risks of leakage of sensitive information, employees’ personalities, and potential abuse of company reserves.

    Compliance and Regulation

    Your company can profit through a Payroll processing service by remaining on top of any issue relating to the UAE work law. Compliance with any improvements in the equivalent is additionally required, which is likewise dealt with using a Payroll service.


    Building and having a devoted group for Payroll processing in your company has a few expenses and commitments. Re-appropriating this capacity is a little or medium endeavor that goes far in cost sparing.

    The Payroll process in a company in the UAE can be very unpredictable, with a ton to monitor, similar to the WPS Payroll, conclusions, and monthly wage estimation, occasion records, paid leaves, extra time, and so on. Be that as it may, a Payroll framework is basic with the financial aspects related to it and the nearby regulations governing it. Hence, re-appropriating one’s Payroll processing framework in the UAE bodes well – to set up a sorted out and vigorous Payroll.

    • Flexible Payroll strategy setting
    • GCC WPS consistent
    • Unlimited Pay Calendars
    • Custom characterized Daily Rate Policy
    • Overtime Management, client characterized rate
    • Payroll JV CL Confirmation
    • Off-Cycle Payroll
    • Employee Loans and Advances Management
    • Air Ticket/Leave Passage Management
    • End of Service Settlement estimations
    • Gratuity Accruals
    • Pay slips to Employees’ email
    • Employee Benefits Management
    • Leave Management
    • Payroll Reports

    KGRN offers diverse Payroll solutions for customers, regardless of whether you need full-highlighted corporate Payroll services, or restricted Payroll processing services. The service incorporates Payroll register, Payroll Reconciliation, Employee self-service portal in Dubai, Indemnity Accrual Register, and Pension Report, Cash/Bank report, WPS, Overtime Details Report, Employee Loan Outstanding Report, Payroll JV and leave balance report.

    In the UAE, there is something many refer to as the Wages Protection System (WPS). It is an electronic compensation move framework, presented in 2009, that empowers companies to pay employee compensation employing banks and other financial-related establishments approved and affirmed by the Central Bank.

    WPS was created by the UAE Central Bank and the Ministry of Labor to mechanize opportune and full installment of wages through an information base. The WPS covers all establishments enlisted with the Ministry over all segments and businesses.

    This is huge for companies since companies neglecting to cling to this process will confront disciplines and fines, and will not have the option to get work grants.

    • Setting up and maintenance of the Wage Protection System (WPS)
    • Processing of pay rates, including fixed compensation, bonuses, rewards, allowances, and so on.
    • Processing of cost claims repayments
    • Generation of payslips, bank move letters, and compensation declarations
    • Maintenance of Payroll information identified with employees
    • Leave the board for occasions, paid leaves, absences, and so on.
    • Drafting of offer letters
    • Calculation of statutory tip installments according to the UAE work law
    • Calculation of full and last (F&F) settlement in the event of end or renunciation of an employee
    • Maintenance of Payroll information (working days, leaves, occasions, and so on.) of every employee in an information base

    Forming a devoted group for Payroll processing without any preparation in your company has a few expenses and commitments – that of fixed monthly pay rates in the division, visa, restorative protection, leaves and occasions, processing costs, Emirates ID and work contract charge, and so forth. Outsourcing this capacity is a little or medium venture bodes well from a budgetary point of view.

    When you outsource your Payroll capacity to a specialist third party in the UAE, they can instruct you on the bare essentials concerning the corporate Payroll prevalent common in the spot, and keep you refreshed with any updates in the UAE work law.

    You spare expenses on Payroll programming and framework maintenance of the equivalent.

    Scaling of your Payroll framework according to the size of your company is dealt with by the re-appropriated Payroll seller.

    KGRN payroll process and management in Dubai services go for effective employee Payroll the executives to lessen authoritative weight and reduce incidental financial related expenses. This causes you to streamline your business development and improve your company’s exhibition by focusing on core risk areas in business with expanded adaptability to react to requirements.

    We at KGRN Management Consultants have our group of specialists to assist business people with setting up their Payroll work in Dubai and the remainder of the UAE.

    Payroll includes performing different assignments to guarantee exact and opportune checks and record-keeping Compliance. Our well-characterized Payroll process in UAE guarantees consistent assistance with a solid accentuation on quality and exactness.

    KGRN gives different degrees of supervision that will guarantee blunder-free Payroll processing and influence the aggregate understanding of the whole Payroll group to support your business.

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