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Corporate Governance, Risk, Compliance Services in UAE

Corporate governance, risk, compliance in uae

Corporate Governance, Risk, Compliance Services:

Every company that functions in the UAE must make sure that it meets all the compliance requirements expected of it. Doing so not only makes the company more credible and trustworthy, but it also helps the company stay out of legal trouble. However, frequently changing business laws and taxation regimes make it difficult for companies to always stay updated regarding risk and compliance laws. That is why, of late, most business consultancy firms offer Corporate Governance, Risk and Compliance Services. In this article, we will take a
look at the importance of Corporate Governance, Risk and Compliance Services and how KGRN can help you with such services.

What is Corporate Governance, Risk, Compliance?

Corporate Governance, Risk, and Compliance refers to the processes that companies need to undertake to ensure that they maintain the compliance measures of the jurisdiction of their functioning. Risk services also help in aiding the decision-making process, whereas governance functions help ensure that the business has a lean and efficient business framework. High standards of Corporate Governance, Risk, and Compliance help ensure that organizations remain sustainable and successful in the long run. Following good practices associated with Corporate Governance, Risk and Compliance also help in convincing investors and shareholders that the company is doing well for itself.
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Benefits of Corporate Governance, Risk, Compliance in the UAE:

1. Ensure 100% compliance at all times
2. Identify inefficiencies in the existing framework and make improvements
3. Reduce incidental expenses and wastage of resources
4. Create a more streamlined corporate governance model
5. Reduce risks and maximise returns
6. Helps you make the best business- decisions by providing you with all the information you need
7. Make your business more credible and trustworthy to investors and shareholders
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Steps Involved in Corporate Governance, Risk, Compliance in the UAE:

Here’s a look at the steps involved in Corporate Finance Consulting in the UAE;
1. Most experts will start by talking to higher management and understanding the requirements of a business.

2. They will run an internal audit of the governance framework to know how the company functions and the true nature of the business.
3. Next, financial experts will run a GAP analysis to help identify inefficiencies and redundancies in the corporate governance framework in place.
4. Afterwards, the experts will go through the financial reports of the company and ensure that it is economically viable.
5. In case the company is planning a merger or acquisition, the experts will help with a risk analysis to aid the management in taking the best possible decision.
6. After gaining all the insight they need, the experts will draft a new plan to improve the efficiency of the Corporate Governance structure in place.
7. During this phase, a team of financial experts and CAs will also go through the company’s reports to make sure that it is filing all the required returns.
8. They will also do a quick audit to ensure that the practices of the company are following the compliance laws set by the Emirati government.
9. Lastly, the team will help implement the changes and do a thorough analysis to ensure that all the requirements set forth by the company are met.
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KGRN Corporate Governance, Risk, Compliance Services in the UAE:

KGRN is one of the most renowned Audit, Accountancy and Business Consultancy firms in the UAE. Therefore, our experts have the experience required to ensure that you meet all the required compliances. Furthermore, our team can also guide you on all matters to do with risk analysis and corporate governance to ensure that you make the right business choices and maintain compliance at all times. KGRN also provides timely and efficient service, ensuring your company files the proper returns and always remains adequate and efficient.
Here is a quick look at the various Corporate Governance, Risk and Compliance Services KGRN provides;
1. Conduct a GAP analysis to find issues with the current corporate governance framework
2. Help develop a robust and efficient governance framework
3. Create data packs, checklists, and maintain updated documents regarding reporting standards your company is expected to follow
4. We help implement the right corporate governance framework in the best way possible
5. Our team also helps with drafting the most appropriate policies, guidelines and standard operating procedures for your business.
6. When it comes to risk management, our team will help with the assessment of risk appetite, creation of risk reports and also help you manage your risks efficiently.
7. Keep you updated regarding new laws and ensure you maintain compliance at all times
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● We take the time to truly understand the size and complexity of your business so that our solutions feel tailor-made for your company.
● We have a simple, yet elegant and business-friendly approach which leads to a quick resolution of all issues and queries
● We offer adaptable and flexible services that will help you with all your legal requirements

● We maintain a high level of privacy regarding your details
● Full-time access to all our experienced staff
● Our services will help you minimize risks and maximize returns on every project and deal
● We provide the most competitive process to ensure that companies of all sizes can
make use of our service
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Corporate Governance, Risk, and Compliance Services important?

Since the GRC guidelines keep evolving in today’s complex business environment, businesses
need help ensuring they stay on the right side of the law. Such services help companies stay on
the right side of the law and stay updated regarding changes in laws and regulations. They also
ensure that the business remains credible and trustworthy to investors and creditors. Such
systems also help in improving the overall flexibility and transparency of companies.

Why does corporate governance matter?

● Promotes the sound management of your business
● Puts creditors, investors and shareholders at ease
● Meet all regulatory expectations successfully
● Mitigate risk to the maximum
● Protect the interests of clients, creditors, investors and shareholders at all times
● Promotes long-term sustainability
● Sets the tone for a business adapts and evolves

How to minimize the risk associated with business deals?

1. Ensure your in-house team has the required experience
2. Conducting a gap analysis to ensure where your business needs to improve
3. Go through your financial records to analyse your fiscal position
4. Remove all compliance-related risks
5. Identify, monitor and manage all risks with the help of GRC services
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