Every business is distinctly different and has varying accounting and auditing needs. Hence, such companies must reach out to qualified chartered accountant firms in Dubai. Such accounting firms in Dubai will help companies maintain accurate and correct financial records. Doing so will not help businesses meet statutory compliance requirements but also assess and gauge their management. In this article, we will take a look at a list of CA firms in Dubai, and explore why they are so critical to Dubai’s economic infrastructure. 

Why are Chartered Accountants in Dubai important?

Accounting and bookkeeping serve as primary functions of a company which enables it to stay organized and compliant. Without investing in these activities, businesses cannot attain success, and avoiding them can bring down even the largest companies. Also, the Emirati government introduces new changes with regards to taxation frequently. It is not always easy for entrepreneurs to stay updated regarding these changes due to their other commitments. Hence, in such cases, accounting firms in Dubai can help businesses adapt and evolve as required. 

Outsourcing to chartered accountant firms in Dubai

Outsourcing accounting needs essentially ensures that all your accounting functions are handled by an external third-party rather than an in-house team. Keeping a sizeable in-house accounting department is not feasible for all companies due to the costs which involve. Hence, a lot of smaller and medium-sized companies prefer to outsource their needs to CA firms in Dubai. Let us take a quick look at why outsourcing to chartered account firms in Dubai is a great idea.

  1. Allows management to focus on more important things, such as business development 
  2. Reduced cost as companies need to pay only for the services they obtain
  3. Increases the overall productivity of the company.
  4. Gives the company access to expert advice
  5. More flexible as the company can avail of more services as and when the need arises
  6. Receive round-the-clock assistance and improved scalability
  7. Enhanced data security and flexibility 

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