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Any businessman would know that bookkeeping and accounting are the two major pillars for the success of a business. Bookkeeping usually involves the recording of the day-to-day transactions of a company. Accounting involves the process of analyzing and investigating based on the details of your company’s book of records. Both of these activities help in bringing order and organization to the economic structure of your company. KGRN helps in accounting outsourcing Dubai. 

Why do I need accounting services in Dubai?

  • As you would have known, the UAE law requires all businesses to maintain a book of records for a minimum period of five years. 
  • As a business in the UAE, you will have to maintain your financial reports and book of records, along with supporting evidence like receipts, vouchers, and other proofs of purchase.  
  • Therefore, by reaching out to one of the accounting companies in Dubai, you can get your records professionally maintained.

What exactly do accountants do?

  • The main task of accountants is preparing, examining, and maintaining an organization’s financial reports and book of records. 
  • The accountants in Dubai also help you maintain the legitimacy of your reports and ensure tax compliance.
  • They oversee and manage the transactions and operations happening within a company.
  • They assist in the process of tax evaluation, tax exemption, and tax return filing.
  • Accountants in Dubai also help in handling the monetary affairs of your company in general.
  • They help in assessing your finances and formulate strategies to enhance the same. 
  • They also help organizations cope with the VAT regulations set by the UAE.

Accounting Services in UAE:

When you hire an accountant in the UAE, he/she has the scope to access, examine, record, revise, and maintain the following data:

  • Recording and posting of Journal Entries 
  • Sales, Revenue, and payments Posting
  • Accounting of Petty Cash
  • Payroll Accounting
  • Depreciation & Fixed Assets
  • Accounts Received 
  • Debit and Credit Adjustments
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow Statement recording
  • Receipts management
  • Purchase Invoices Posting
  • Posting of Material Issued
  • Projects Accounting
  • Admin and General Expenses
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Accounts Payable Reporting
  • Trial Balance Reporting
  • Profit and Loss Accounting

Advantages of accounting services in Dubai:

  • By outsourcing your accounts to any of the established chartered accounting firms in the UAE, you can always ensure the quality and legibility of your records.
  • Accountants help you maintain a book of records so that you can stay prepared for unannounced audits, investors, and financial planning sessions.
  • Accounting companies in the UAE also help in tracking your cash flow, which in turn will help you get a clear analysis and improve your decision-making skills. 
  • With the help of experienced accountants, you can have peace of mind and a better understanding of where your capital goes.
  • Accountants also help in improving your tax compliance.


KGRN is one of the top accounting firms in Dubai. We have a team of well-experienced and knowledgeable accountants in the UAE to provide legal assistance. 

Contact our team of professionals in the UAE for more details and assistance on accounting and bookkeeping services and in outsource accounting services Dubai.

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