How Accountants Can Benefit SMB Customers

Benefit SMB

The main cause of business failure is the poor management of finances. Many organizations are beginning to realize just how important accounting can be to their business. More and more small and medium size businesses (SMB) are looking for an accountant who is willing to assist them all year long. Not just the once in a year meeting to run through their books. We’ve experienced it first hand at KGRN Accounting Associates during our interactions with UAE-based SMBs. And, if you would like to draw these SMBs in your direction, you’ll need a few tips to help you out.

Build lasting relationships

Every single SMB looks for an account they can trust in and depend on. To build a strong relationship with your clients, you need to give them a reason to trust you in addition to quality services. It will ensure your relationship lasts a long time and you attract more businesses. You need to assist your clients as a financial advisor because any one can do the bare minimum like filling forms and preparing your financial accounts once the financial year comes to an end.

The technological advantage

More than half of the total number of SMBs make use of accounting software. It is a quick and easy way of updating and maintaining the business accounts of small and medium scale clients. Certain accounting software allow businesses to store their financial records on an online cloud, which enables them to access this information from absolutely anywhere and at any time. This helps in the effective and immediate development and implementation of financial plans and processes. With accounting software, your SMB clients can also review their financial records and ask you questions at any time. It helps make things easier for the client and you, meaning better success with your clients.

Using Social Media

There are a number of things that your clients may not be aware or not know that they aren’t aware of. Interacting with them through social mediums can help efficiently educate them about the basics they need to know. You can directly interact with your clients to answer their questions and respond to their comments. Social media is a cheap and effective way of marketing your services to a large audience looking for someone just like you. You can also use it as a means to get them onto your website and avail of your services. Blogs are a quick way of engaging in inbound marketing and can also influence more firms to bring their business to you.

Go beyond

SMBs aren’t the kind to settle for just about anything. They expect the whole deal and more. So if you’ve only been doing the calculation of payment estimates and filling the taxes for your clients you face the risk of losing your existing clients the moment something better than you comes along. As for potential clients, they may not even consider you. What you want to do is diversify your services. Provide investment services, business audits, bookkeeping and financial management.

If you follow through with these simple tips, you are guaranteed capture the attention of numerous SMBs. This basically means better business for you and your clients. For more assistance in better accounting, stay tuned to KGRN Accounting Associates, the best of Dubai’s accounting firms and business growth service providers.

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