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Accounting has a major role in the business field to keep in check the income and expenditure. It is said that accounting is the backbone of any financial world. Any businessman would wish to expand and diversify his business, thus, accounting helps him in predicting the status by tracking the assets in the business. Only when you keep a check with the financial records will you be able to increase your business status. Having no knowledge about the nuances of the business status would retard your business growth. A good accounting and bookkeeping service firm will be able to help you to make a proper choice in your business, and will also help in accomplishing your business goals.

What is accounting?

Accounting is maintaining the records of the financial status of the business. It is handled by a bookkeeper or an accountant in a small firm. The information obtained from accounting is essential for planning, evaluating, and making decisions in a business. Trusted people who handle money carefully are the most sought after in the accounting field. Most of the people spend much of their time as well as their money searching for a good accountant. So, an accounting and bookkeeping service firm would take care of your needs.

What is bookkeeping?

The financial records should be documented. Bookkeeping is the documentation of those accounts calculated. It is a permanent record of all the documents. There is no formal training or degree required for a bookkeeper.

Accounting through the Internet:

During earlier days, in every company or organization, the accountant was supposed to maintain separate files to record their accounts. But, nowadays as technology is becoming more advanced everything is fed on to the internet. All you need now is good accounting software and people who know how to handle it effectively. There are services providers like KGRN that would help you to complete all the accounting work online.

Accounting and bookkeeping services:

It is very clear that every business would have an accounting sector, and trusted services are required to handle these. Having an accounting and bookkeeping service helps you make prudent decisions and reduces business risks. The tax returns are prepared and monitored by the accounting and bookkeeping services so that your tax needs are complied with.

Things to know about KGRN:

KGRN provides accounting and bookkeeping services in Dubai. Also, they provide professional online accounting and bookkeeping services. The accounts and the bookkeeping need to be given special attention for a healthy financial status in your business. KGRN provides you with all the reports of your financial status including the income tax statements, cash flow, tax filing, transactions, balance sheets, etc. If you require any suggestions regarding your decisions, you are welcome to, at KGRN. The KGRN professionals would be able to provide you with the best advice so that you cannot find any discrepancy in making your decisions. They are able to provide you with the financial report at any time when you require them. Customized packages are arranged for each company based on their necessity and requirements.

List of accounting and bookkeeping services at KGRN:

 KGRN is one of the most trusted firms for providing the best accounting and bookkeeping services in Dubai. There is a wide list of accounting and bookkeeping services that are provided by KGRN. The unique features that KGRN provides are:-

  • KGRN manages and takes care of your business accounts.
  • Annual audit reports are accurately evaluated.
  • Handles the income and expenditure of the company.
  • Takes care of all the necessary documents during the time of the audit.
  • Maintains correctness in the records and bookkeeping.
  • They use the most advanced technology to maintain records.
  • KGRN provides services that save time and money.
  • Reduces the risks that take place in the business.


Businessmen often have problems in trying to understand how and where their money goes. Often people start handling their own business records and lose much of their time. KGRN will do these duties for you so that you can concentrate on the other facets of your business. They provide accounting and bookkeeping services in Dubai. Also, they provide professional online accounting and bookkeeping services. KGRN offers the organizations cost-effective services so that it is affordable to everyone. They assure you that all your business information stays personal and protected. 


What is bookkeeping and accounting services?

Accounting is maintaining the record of the financial status of your business. Bookkeeping is a part of the process of accounting. It helps with the maintenance of reports, though it does not involve analysis.

Is there any difference between an accountant and a bookkeeper?

An accountant and a bookkeeper are completely different from each other. An accountant requires the completion of a degree in accounting (Certified Public Accountant). They also tend to receive higher remuneration than bookkeepers. A bookkeeper does not require any such qualifications, but his function is equally important in accounting. A bookkeeper is commonly termed as a reporter for the accountant. An accountant is essential in every business, but a bookkeeper is optional.

Can a bookkeeper prepare financial statements?

An accountant lies on a higher level compared to the bookkeeper. So, an account prepares the financial statements and not bookkeepers.

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