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Today’s business world is dynamic and challenging. It has become mandatory for organizations, both SMEs and large corporates, to formulate strategies that would help in the growth of their business. Therefore every organization hires a CFO to help manage its finances and to devise strategies to improve their business. A Chief Financial Officer or a CFO is an executive who is responsible for maintaining the financial records and regulating the cash flow of a company. 

However, for some businesses like the SMEs, hiring a CFO might not be affordable. KGRN provides a platform for such organizations to get in contact with experienced professionals providing accounting and CFO services.

Accounting and CFO services by KGRN:

KGRN provides the following accounting and CFO services, both virtually and in person.

  • Analyzing and reporting financial documents
  • Business planning, forecasting, and guidance
  • Managing the working capital and cash flow of your business
  • Review of business and legal contracts
  • Preparing Management Information System (MIS) reports
  • Formulating and managing your company’s budget
  • Training and supporting your accounting staff
  • Improving the accounting processes of your company
  • Communicating and negotiating with bankers, attorneys, and auditors
  • Assistance and support in filing your company’s VAT return statements
  • Increasing the overall profits of your business
  • Formulating exit strategy and supporting transactions

These are some of the CFO accounting services provided by KGRN. Besides this, our professionals also render personalized services and clear your queries via email.

When and why should I opt for CFO accounting services in Dubai?

Every business needs CFO accounting services to formulate strategies to grow their business and multiply their profits. CFO accounting services Dubai are aimed at regulating your cash flow, maintaining the book of records, and in supervising your tax planning and compliance. They help you make an informed decision rather than an intuitive decision.

Here are a few circumstances that call for the assistance of a CFO:

Your business’s rapid growth

When your business is experiencing rapid growth, opting for CFO accounting services becomes mandatory. A CFO will help you expand your business and take it to the next level by analyzing your company’s current financial status and implementing suitable business and marketing strategies.

Developing and marketing new products and schemes

A CFO helps you in analyzing the current market status and the cash flow of your company. They help you make the right decision in the expansion of your business by identifying new opportunities for future growth and help you climb the corporate ladder.

Planning for M&A or new investments

A  Chief Financial Officer will help you in identifying and evaluating potential acquisitions when your company is planning to undertake an M&A. A team providing CFO accounting services will also help in making the right investments that will multiply your profits.

When your profits are low

A CFO accounting services provider will help you identify the areas that lack productivity and regulate the cash flow profitably. He/she evaluates your past and current financial records to provide an insight into your expenses and revenues. Indeed, the accounting and CFO services he/she provides will improve the stability of your company and bring in more profits.

Complex tax planning

CFO accounting services Dubai are usually opted by companies who need help in planning their VAT and other taxes. Moreover, a CFO will identify the areas eligible for tax exemption and help you avail of other tax benefits.

Maintenance of records

The accounting and CFO services also include the maintenance and management of your past, current, and future financial records. These records will come in handy during financial audits and when filing your tax returns. These financial records will also help you make better business decisions.

Formulate business strategies

Developing a new business model, budgeting, implementing new technologies, making new investments, and regulating the cash flow profitably are some of the business development strategies that come under CFO accounting services Dubai. 

What does a CFO do?

  • Controllership duties:

A Chief Financial Officer is responsible for maintaining and providing accurate financial reports and details. All the stakeholders of the company rely on this information, so the controllership duty of a CFO requires more attention.

  • Treasury duties:

The CFO is also responsible for maintaining the finances of a company. Indeed, he/she regulates the cash flow and addresses the issues surrounding the company’s capital structure. A CFO also identifies potential investments.

  • Formulating economic strategies:

A CFO must be able to make financial forecasts and identify profitable areas. He/she must also be able to predict the fluctuations in the market and aid the company’s board of directors in making decisions that would make the company successful.


  • Most businesses, especially entrepreneurs and SMEs, cannot afford to have a Chief Financial Officer on their board. 
  • With KGRN’s CFO accounting services Dubai, you can avail the same benefits but at a lower and affordable price.
  •  We also render virtual accounting and CFO services. 
  • You can pay an hourly rate or hire a permanent executive from KGRN to provide CFO accounting services.

Here are a few reasons why KGRN makes a perfect choice:

  • Our team of experts always strives to bring customer satisfaction.
  • We maintain confidentiality and ensure your privacy.
  • We provide CFO accounting services timely and efficiently.
  • Our services are affordable. You can select a plan from the range of options available.
  • Our CFOs stay updated on the current legislation to provide the best CFO accounting services. 

Frequently asked questions:

  1. How is a CFO different from an accountant?

An accountant only manages your company’s business records. But, a CFO not only maintains your financial records but also helps in forecasting possible hurdles and helping you make the right investments that would bring in more profits.

 2. How will SMEs benefit from hiring a CFO?

 CFO accounting services Dubai help SMEs make better financial decisions and proceed in the right direction. With the CFO’s assistance, SMEs can control and regulate the cash flow.

3. How does a CFO influence strategy?

 CFOs understand the business mechanics and market fluctuations that make it easier for them to formulate strategies that will make your business grow. 

4.what value does a CFO bring to my Business?

CFOs bring clarity and focus to your business. However, they help in making timely decisions that are precise and effective. CFOs greatly influence the growth of the business in the long run.


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