Accounting Companies in Dubai

Accounting firms in Dubai are an integral part of the nation’s economic infrastructure. Companies rely on accounting services in Dubai to maintain accurate financial documentation. Without such documentation, businesses will find it difficult to gauge their fiscal position and ascertain the need for credit. Hence, accounting companies in Dubai enable businesses to understand their financial history and use it to make the best decisions. Let us now take a look at some of the top accounting firms in Dubai and how essential accounting truly is.

What is Accounting?

Accounting is essentially the process through which businesses and individuals record the financial transactions undertaken by them. The entire process of accounting includes summarising, processing reporting and analysing transactions. The top accounting firms in Dubai go through the financial statements of companies and gauge their fiscal position. By analysing such statements, accounting companies in Dubai can predict the viability of new projects. Furthermore, the reports they create help companies get loans or extended credits from banks and other financial institutions. Hence, accounting services in Dubai help companies summarise their operations and cash flow.

What are the different types of accounting services in Dubai?

Financial Accounting: All the processes undertaken to generate annual financial statements for businesses. For example, the financial statements produced by the top accounting firms in Dubai include;

  1. Balance sheet
  2. Income statement 
  3. Cash flow statement

Managerial Accounting: Helps with the generation of monthly or quarterly reports that assess financial projects for the business’s management team. It helps the company with decision making, becoming a sort of guide for higher-level management.

Cost Accounting: Enables businesses to analyse and make decisions regarding their costing. It takes into account all the costs pertaining to a product or service offered by the company.

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