An indirect tax levied on all the goods and services consumed is the VAT- Value Added Tax. More than 160 countries throughout the world adopted this. One of the most dynamic countries of the world is the Middle-East country UAE. The UAE has so many tax-free zones, which in turn became the centre of investments for foreign investors. If a firm is registered under the VAT, it means that the business is recognized by the government. VAT exemption in the UAE is applied in certain areas. It includes some of the financial services, residential buildings, local passengers, and so on.

The GCC- Gulf Cooperation Council registered themselves under the VAT law implemented it with 5% as the VAT rate.

UAE VAT law comes into force if you are a businessman or a person who is deciding to develop a business. In this blog, let us discuss the detailed information about VAT registration in UAE for new companies.

Importance of VAT Registration in Dubai:

VAT is important to all types of business in the UAE. Some of the points stating why VAT registration is important are:

  • It boosts the business profile.
  • It averts financial penalties.
  • One may claim VAT refunds.
  • It helps to grab a mass market.

VAT registration in UAE for new companies:

The initial step in the VAT registration process is filling the form online. Followed by this step, the next step is submitting the relevant documents required to get the VAT Number. The whole process takes place online. 

Documents required for VAT Registration in UAE:

The documents required for VAT Registration in UAE are:

  • Copy of trade license, Emirates ID, and passport of the owner of the other partners 
  • MOA-Memorandum of Association of the company
  • Company’s contact, bank account, and income statement details
  • Nature of the business and activities performed there.

VAT Registration Online:

For registering VAT online, visit the VAT registration portal The following are the steps that are mandatory while doing an online registration:

  • Details of the Applicant
  • Banking and contact details
  • About the VAT Registration
  • Declaration and review

As soon as the application is submitted, the FTA will verify the information and documents submitted. If the given documents are satisfied, the application is approved. The company will receive a TRN- Tax registration Number.

Advantages of VAT registration in UAE:

  • VAT is a neutral tax. Hence, it can be imposed on all types of business.
  • VAT encourages investment and personal savings.
  • It helps in making up revenue.
  • It is the least burden on consumers.
  • The firm will be able to get VAT refunds. 
  • It is open to new business opportunities. 
  • Here, the revenue generated is constant.
  • Easily manageable.

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