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VAT Regulation and Refund scheme in UAE

A sharp drop in the price of oil around the world has hit energy-exporting nations, including several countries in the Middle East. Hence, these countries now have to look for alternate forms of revenue generation. In a bid to remove…

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VAT Consultant

VAT Consultant in Dubai

Value Added Tax is a popular form of indirect taxation used by over 180 countries around the world. Due to its implementation in the UAE, the country now has access to an alternate source of funds for the development of…

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VAT Registration

How do I register for VAT in UAE?

If your company is registered under the VAT law, it means that your business is acknowledged by the government as a supplier of Goods and Services. Your company also gets authorized to collect VAT from customers and remit the same…

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How to submit VAT return in UAE

Value Added Tax (VAT) was started in the UAE with a rate of VAT 5%. The VAT, as a general consumption tax, will apply to the majority of transactions in goods and services. UAE adds VAT on tax registered businesses…

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VAT registration Dubai

An indirect tax levied on all the goods and services consumed is the VAT- Value Added Tax. More than 160 countries throughout the world adopted this. One of the most dynamic countries of the world is the Middle-East country UAE….

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Vat registration in Dubai, UAE

VAT or Value Added Tax was introduced  by the Government of the UAE. The UAE VAT law requires businesses having taxable supplies and imports worth over AED 375,000 to register under the VAT regime. VAT registration in UAE for new…

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VAT return filing in UAE

VAT UAE laws came into force at a constant rate of 5%, leading to a new chapter in the nation’s tax history. Value Added Tax serves as an indirect form of taxation levied on most goods and supplies. VAT-registered businesses…

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VAT Consultants in Dubai

VAT is an indirect taxation system that is widely popular around the world. Adopted by over 180 countries around the globe, the Value Added Tax provides nations with an alternate source of income. The UAE adopted the VAT , and…

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UAE VAT Updates

The United Arab Emirates introduced the UAE VAT law . The VAT UAE rate was kept at a constant 5% and served as a new chapter in the history of the UAE’s tax regime. This indirect form of taxation helped…

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