The Value Added Tax is an indirect form of taxation levied on almost all services and products in the UAE. Recently, VAT consultants in Dubai have gained prominence as they help young companies deal with VAT regulations in the UAE. The GCC governments adopted the VAT system in 2018 and have since implemented it on most goods and services barring a few. The standard VAT rate stands at 5%, and the system mostly affects the end-users and consumers. However, businesses have to make slight changes to their processes and procedures to comply with VAT laws. This is where VAT services in Dubai enter the picture.

Such VAT consultancy services in Dubai handle everything from VAT registration to annual report filing for companies. KGRN Consultancy Firm offers one of the best VAT services in UAE and can help fulfill all your VAT-related accounting and consultancy needs.


  • We help provide you with international market exposure, and the best VAT consultants with our team of experienced professionals will give top-notch business advice.
  • KGRN has a simple, yet elegant and business-friendly approach which leads to a quick resolution of all issues and queries.
  • We offer adaptable and flexible services that will help you with all your legal requirements
  • Also, we maintain a high level of privacy regarding your details.

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