VAT stands for Value Added Tax. When it comes to goods and services tax, VAT plays a major role. About 180 countries imply VAT in their countries. Every business needs to register for VAT. if you haven’t registered yet, do register it before long!

Now getting to the question, who is a tax consultant?

A person who takes care of all the tax details in legal entities or business places, and who examines and brings about a precise report on it is a ‘tax consultant’.

VAT  services in UAE is exclusively for all the goods and services we buy. VAT is not implied on any medical or food items we purchase. The VAT services in the UAE are a great comfort to all the entrepreneurs, making their work easier. VAT consultancy services in UAE assist the company and the businessmen by guiding them and having them know every particular about VAT systems. The VAT consultants in Dubai are completely reliable and offer great services. VAT consultant, Dubai makes sure that the company is ready to operate.

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Be it start-ups or any company, claiming VAT returns is compulsory. Hence, the GCC countries have implemented VAT and have agreed to start the implementation by 1st Jan 2018 with a tax-rate levied at 5%. In brief, if your company registers for VAT, it signifies that it is acknowledged by the government. VAT records must be kept updated. Hence, to rule out any unneeded tax payment and to keep proper tax records, VAT consultants play the main part. VAT registered companies must keep the record book for at least a minimum of 5 years.

But, managing VAT books or records without any setbacks are also quite significant. A VAT consultant is who the company needs at that instant. Making it easier for the company, the VAT consultant Dubai clears the doubts and organizes the VAT filing systems.

KGRN makes it easier for the company and the businessmen to stay organized and systemized regarding VAT filings. 


For enquiries, call +971 45 570 204 / E-mail:

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