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Tax in UAE

The Federal Tax Authority UAE does not charge income tax on individuals. This is ideal for freelancers and self-employed individuals in the UAE. The branches of the foreign banks are taxed 20% in most of the UAE. The capital gains…

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Best Tax Consultants in Dubai

‘Tax’ is a common, most often used term which is also mandatory in all work fields mainly for business, world-wide. Tax is paid by the citizens to the Nation’s government; as a result, the government provides all essential services to…

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Tax agents in the UAE

  The whole world is captured by money. Meanwhile, today, the world is facing rapid growth in its economic status. Moreover, companies and people across the globe started setting up a business to gain profits, in the business centre of…

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Tax agents in Dubai

  Introduction: Dubai, one of the seven Emirates in UAE, is considered as the heart of the business centre. According to the current legislation of the Federal Tax Association (FTA), the citizens and organizations of UAE are obliged to pay…

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IFRS 16 Tax Impact min

IFRS 16 Tax Impact

IFRS 16 Tax impact IFRS 16 Tax impact of the new leasing standards IFRS 16 on leases became compelling 1 January 2019. Given this new standard, accounting disclosures for operating leases have also been affected. IFRS 16 Tax impact realize…

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