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Tax Agents In UAE

Tax Agents in UAE

The Landmark Federal Law no.7, released on June 11, 2017, has laid down the foundation of the UAE’s current tax system that has been
increasing the country’s GDP over the years. The law, released by the President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, was mostly about the Value added tax (VAT) system and its compliance requirements. The law also had guidelines on the role and importance of
the Federal Tax Authority (FTA), the new department handling the tax system of the UAE.This new tax system brought a few changes to the business environment, forcing businesses to broaden their knowledge of the tax system and legislation. Therefore, by reaching out to tax agents in the UAE, organizations can get an insight into the VAT legislation and compliance requirements.

Who is a tax agent?

Federal Law No. (7) of 2017 on Tax Procedures defines a tax agent as follows:
“Any person registered with the Authority in the Register, appointed on behalf of another person to represent him before the authority to assist him in the fulfilment of his tax obligations, and exercise his associated tax rights, is called a tax agent.”

In other words, tax agents are experts registered with the FTA to assist VAT-registered businesses.Tax agents help businesses to cope up with their difficult day-to-day tasks such as tax planning, VAT return filing and maintaining the book of records.

Tax Agents help taxable people in meeting the requirements set by the government and preventing legal issues and penalties. Make your business tax efficient and VAT compliant by hiring KGRN’s proficient tax agents in the UAE. As your Tax Agent in Dubai, KGRN takes responsibility for your documents, finances, records, and every other information. We also would represent your business to the FTA
during audits.

Responsibilities of a tax agent:

The following are the responsibilities of a registered tax agent in the
● Ensure the fulfilment of tax obligations and liability by taxable people and VAT-registered businesses
● Ensure the non-indulgence of companies in activities that pose a threat to the UAE’s legislation and integrity

● Provide legitimate information, documents, reports, records, and data to the FTA when required
● Ensure the privacy protection of businesses by guarding their information and records
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Services by KGRN’s tax agents in the UAE:

Best Tax Consultants in Dubai

KGRN’s proficient tax agents have years of experience and provide the following tax-related services in the UAE:
● VAT Registration in both the mainland and free zones
● VAT implementation
● Ensuring VAT compliance
● VAT return filing
● Maintaining the book of records and invoices related to tax transactions

● Handling tax affairs with the FTA
● Representing your business in front of the FTA
● Assisting you in the submission of the tax reconsideration form and
VAT Voluntary Disclosure submission
● Assisting you with the deregistration process
● Assisting with tax audits and tax inspections
● Data accounting, sorting and maintaining the required documents

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Benefits of hiring a tax agent in the UAE:

● Tax agents help you simplify the process of tax planning and compliance.
● Tax agents in the UAE help in tax assessment and represent your business before the FTA to handle issues efficiently.
● Tax agents help in filing your tax returns without any delay or mishaps.
● Tax agents not only help you with your current queries but also provide long-term assistance.
● Hiring a tax agent can bring in a neutral approach to tax planning and bookkeeping, especially for businesses with multiple partners.
● Tax agents are necessary to stay updated on the VAT legislation and compliance requirements.
● A strong relationship with a tax agent in the UAE will bring you many long-term benefits.
● Tax agents will help you identify the tax benefits and reduce your tax liability.
● Consulting a tax agent during legal issues and processes like tax reconsideration and inspections will be very beneficial.
● In simple terms, tax agents help you eliminate complications involved in every tax-related process.
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Appointing a tax agent in the UAE:

tax consultancy in dubai

● According to Article 15, any taxable person or business in the UAE can appoint a tax agent.
● The tax agent can then represent the business or the individual in front of the FTA during audits.
● Once the contract between the business/individual and the tax agent gets terminated, the tax agent can no longer represent the
● The tax agents appointed by businesses to deal with their tax issues must satisfy the standards set by the FTA.
● Businesses can appoint the tax agent only when he/she is qualified and registered under the FTA.

KGRN’s team of tax agents have fulfilled the obligations set by the FTA and registered ourselves under the Authority of the Registrar. We are
qualified and highly experienced in handling tax issues, and therefore will be a perfect choice. Contact us now for a free consultancy session!
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KGRN is a reputed organization in the UAE, providing advisory, consultancy, and legal services. Our team of proficient tax agents has
years of experience and expertise in the field and therefore eliminates your tax-related issues at ease.
Here are a few reasons why KGRN makes a perfect choice:

● We are committed to bringing 100% customer satisfaction.
● Our services are affordable and reasonably priced.
● We provide timely service.
● All your information is encrypted during transactions to avoid privacy breaches.
● Our team of experts stays updated on the legislation to help our
clients avoid legal issues.
● We are available round the clock to answer your queries.
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