‘Tax’ is a common, most often used term which is also mandatory in all work fields mainly for business, world-wide. Tax is paid by the citizens to the Nation’s government; as a result, the government provides all essential services to the public. When you start a business in foreign, corporate tax is under compulsion. If the business is within the country, relevant taxes need to be paid. In order to clear all doubts and flaws about tax, consulting a tax consultant would be much better. Tax consultants in Dubai will help you succeed in your business with clear records of the taxation system. KGRN helps you in all taxation systems, tax return filings, tax investigations, and tax evaluations. 

Who is a tax consultant? A tax consultant is a person who gives clear views about all tax particulars and its structure for legal entities and business places.

With no fear or doubts, approach a tax consultant! VAT consultants in Dubai are accessible anytime for you! 

Taxation in Dubai:

Dubai, the heart of all business and one of the fastest business moving cities in the world is also known for experts in tax-related fields. The first option for setting up a business is surely Dubai! One of the main reasons for picking Dubai as a business place is that it is a tax-free zone! If you pay less tax to the government, it is possible that you may fall under some illegal acts. If you pay more tax to the government, your business may even fail. So, in order to maintain and examine precise and accurate tax records, VAT tax consultancy services in Dubai play a vital role. All the VAT consultancy services in UAE are emerging with more trust for all the business people to gain rapid growth for their companies.

If tax is not paid on time, it becomes a crucial problem. Hence, to pay taxes at the correct time also, VAT tax consultancy services in UAE are helpful. We support you with transparent communication with the VAT consultancy services in UAE. Seek tax consultant’s in Dubai, to develop your business!

Now, let’s know in detail about the taxation system and the structure in Dubai.

Dubai is a tax exempted place with all various kinds of taxes such as;

  • Direct tax
  • Indirect tax

1.       Direct tax:

  •  Oil and gas companies and industries- 55%
  • Foreign banks branches in Dubai- 20%

2.       Indirect tax:

  • Municipal taxes levied on hotels and other entertainment places- 10%
  • Municipal tax for commercial rents- 10%
  • VAT- 5%
  • Municipal tax for residential property- 5%

Value Added Tax:

Value Added Tax in short called the VAT is a mandatory type of tax administered by well- expert VAT consultants. VAT is a tax added for all the goods bought. All these obligations and commitments are taken care of by the VAT consultants in Dubai. VAT is excluded from food items and medicine items. VAT consultants in Dubai and the VAT consultancy services in Dubai are a great relief to the businessmen, giving them a big stress-free work.

There are hundreds of VAT consultancy services in Dubai helping out entrepreneurs by guiding them with complete awareness about the VAT and other tax systems. The tax consultants from the VAT consultancy services in Dubai provide an enormous work service. The government of finance and have levied a 5% of the complete tax account for all the products purchased. To assure that your company or industry is ready for a perfect work run, VAT consultants in Dubai will assist you throughout the process. For flawless taxation systems in business, seek a VAT consultant and VAT consultancy services in Dubai! KGRN helps you expose the best VAT consultancy services in UAE.

Double tax treaties:

Stepping into many advanced options, the business between nations requires a double treaty, which is a splendid advantage! A double tax treaty is a legal agreement signed between two countries in order to avoid double taxes for the countries. This treaty makes the business grow efficiently and precisely. The UAE has signed with more than 70 countries that make a great plus point for the UAE business place. There are many tax consultants in Dubai who are well experienced and more knowledgeable, suggested for your companies. All the VAT consultancy services in Dubai are professionals and well experienced in work. Not only Dubai but also VAT consultancy services in Dubai are remarkable.

Benefits of tax consultants:

Approaching a tax consultant for any business firm or industry is the best solution because of all the duties and responsibilities relevant to the taxation system and structure. If it’s a start-up or business expansion phase, the tax consultant’s approach is more beneficial and has peak advantages. Tax consultants help us in providing all crucial particulars to know all the business facts and get aware of the tax return systems. VAT consultancy services in UAE provide great services and offer the following benefits;

  • Firstly, tax consultants guide you to examine all the legal methods to pay tax reduced
  • Secondly, all the complicated computations are solved by the VAT consultants
  • Thirdly, every update are known which are relevant to the taxation system and policies
  • Additionally, the process of filing returns is time consuming
  • Lastly, in order to reduce the tax,  VAT consultants develop many solutions and strategies 


1.  Who is a tax agent?

A tax agent is an organizer or an expert who represents an accountant giving all the details about the taxation system to entrepreneurs and businessmen.

2.  What is the double tax treaty?

A double tax treaty is a legal document signed between two countries to prevent paying double taxes.

3.  What does the tax agency or consultancy do?

Tax agents or tax consultants in Dubai are responsible for registering taxes for companies under the FTA. One of the famous services is the VAT consultancy services in UAE

4.  Who all can seek legal services?

Attorneys, barristers, professional chartered tax advisors, chartered accountants and chartered certified accountants can give legal advice to business people.

5.  How do we calculate VAT?

VAT requires deducting input tax from output tax.


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