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How to Get an Audited Financial Statement min

How to get an audited financial statement

How to get an audited financial statement? We regularly are locked in to do beginning audit firms in Dubai of business getting ready to open up to the world. Many have constrained working narratives and have never experienced an audit….

Reasons for Auditing Financial Statements min

Reasons For Auditing Financial Statements

Financial statement audit A financial statement audit is the assessment of an element’s financial reports and joins exposures by an autonomous auditor. The consequence of this assessment is a report by the auditor, bearing witness to the decency of the…

Explain Why You Would Want the Financial Statements to Be Audited min

Explain why you would want the financial statements to be audited

Explain why you would want the financial statements to be audited? There are numerous advantages to having an audit of a Company’s financial summaries particularly for secretly held business with income over $1,000,000. Here are a couple of reasons customers…

Importance of Auditing Financial Statements min

Importance Of Auditing Financial Statements | Financial Reports | Auditing

Importance Of Auditing Financial Statements What Is a Financial Audit? A financial audit is led to assess whether “financial statements “(the data being confirmed) are expressed as per determined criteria. Ordinarily, the criteria are worldwide bookkeeping measures, even though auditors (KGRN auditors)…

Advantages of Financial Audit min

Advantages Of Financial Audit | Financial Audit | Audit Process

Advantages Of Financial Audit 1) What are the advantages of a financial audit report? The advantages of financial audit are the financial reports might help increase management’s integrity specifically when the result of the audit shows that the financial statements…

VAT Refund Scheme 1

Vat Refund Scheme

All the businesses are required to file a VAT return outfitting the information of sales, purchases output VAT and input VAT paid amid the government expense period. Here, the output VAT is the sum which is gathered on deals and…

Top Seven Advantages You Get from Outsourcing Your Bookkeeping

Top Seven Advantages You Get From Outsourcing Your Bookkeeping

But now, because of that great availability factor that the online world provides, it’s becoming more and more practical for companies to take this one step further. Instead of having in house bookkeeping services or doing it yourself, many businesses…

Top Accounting Outrages in 2018

Top Accounting Outrages In 2018

A Top Accounting Outrages summary cases of financial outrages, accounting fraud and corporate fraud which fascinated us last year and their consequences. Financial crises are as old as the financial industry itself, but the number of high-profile corporate collapses associated…

Tips to Prepare for Financial Audit

Tips To Prepare For Financial Audit

Financial audits are usually associated with a great deal of trepidation. That shouldn’t be the case though. Audits are important because they help you uncover vital information about your business and its financial position. This makes it a valuable tool…

The Many Hats KGRN Associates Wear

The Many Hats KGRN Associates Wear

At KGRN Associates we are passionate about connecting with small businesses. We couldn’t have been more delighted when Dubai Chamber of Commerce in its yearly publication forecasted a 7.7 % expansion in the size of its retail market. With investors…

Selecting the Best Fit Online Accounting Software

Selecting The Best Fit Online Accounting Software

An accounting software helps you to automate most of the routine tasks of your business and maintain a high degree of precision and time saving. Having a best fit software deployed justifies the costs involved and provide incredible RoI for…

Protecting Your Company from Accounting Fraud

Protecting Your Company From Accounting Fraud

Accounting fraud keeps evolving to complex levels as your business organization evolves and grows. Fraud threats are getting more complex and varied increasing the chances of it occurring within your organization. KGRN Accounting Associates, Dubai, has witnessed the challenging situations…