How can I file ESR notifications in UAE?

Economic substance is a percept in the UAE’s tax framework, introduced in the UAE from January 1st, 2019. It applies to all businesses, including onshore companies, free zone companies, non-partnership companies, and partnership firms. The primary purpose of an ESR notification form in UAE is to provide the Financial authorities with all the information regarding the profits culminated by your business. It will further help concerned authorities in analyzing the entire business scene in the UAE. 

The following is a list of companies have to  submit a notification on ESR UAE:


  • Banking and Insurance
  • Investment and fund management
  • Lease, finance businesses
  • Headquarter Businesses 
  • Shipping businesses
  • Holding company business
  • Intellectual property management
  • Distribution and service center business

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In short, every business in the UAE must file an economic substance regulation UAE notification other than the liquidated entities, dissolved businesses, and struck-off companies before the announcement of the ESR notification deadline. Businesses that have branches within the UAE can submit a single ESR notification form for all its branches. But, the companies that have branches offshore or in many countries must file a standalone notification form for each of its branches. 

You can file your business’ Economic Substance Regulations UAE Notification through the official portal of the Ministry of Finance. Your notification form must have the following information:

  • Details of the licensee
  • Registered office address
  • Branch details
  • Details on your reportable period
  • Type of relevant activity you carry out
  • Profit details
  • Details on your eligibility for exemption  
  • Details of the parent company
  • The details of the ultimate beneficial owner
  • Details of the designated contact person
  • Final declaration

For more Detailed information about ESR, Visit: Economic Substance Dubai Guidelines

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