Fraud investigation audit in Dubai takes place to detect, trace, quantify, and prevent fraud and money laundering. Fraud investigation audit involves an examination of the financial records of a firm. This audit is conducted to check if there are any financial irregularities.

This investigation determines the cause of financial errors, identifies the source, collects evidence, and gives recommendations accordingly. It makes sure that no such errors happen in the future. Accountants and auditors in Dubai provide great relief to all the companies.

A fraud investigation auditor, also known as a forensic auditor, is an expert in the investigation of audits. The fraud investigation services Dubai inspects the financial records of the company.

Fraud Detection Methods:

There are several methods involved in fraud detection. They are as follows:

  1. Brainstorming Session:

In this method, the partner who is in charge of the audit takes care of the audit and conducts a meeting in the firm. An experienced investigator conducts the meeting and states about other fraud commitments taken place in other organizations.

  1. Testing of Journal Entry:

The auditors verify the firm’s journal entries. As soon as the auditor understands the company’s procedures, he/she examines and asks for the supporting documentation that validates each journal entry.

  1. Accounting Estimates:

Accounting estimates are the most common reason for fraud. As they are subjective, the management can influence accounting estimates to handle financial statements. First, the auditor examines if there are any changes in the method of accounting estimates from the previous year. The auditor also checks the directionalities of the estimates as a whole.

Advantages of a Fraud Investigation Audit Report:

The following are the advantages of a fraud investigation audit report:

  • It helps identify any internal frauds
  • It supports and strengthens the firm’s control mechanism.
  • The audit saves a company from long-term damage and helps to regain the reputation of the organization.
  • It serves as the factual information that can be used as a document in a court of law.

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