Fraud Investigation services are an integral part of any country’s economy as it helps businesses maintain accurate and genuine transactions. Fraud Investigation services in Dubai enable businesses to detect and quantify fraud and other financial misappropriation. Corporate fraud investigation also helps businesses prevent fraud, corruption and the funding of criminal organisations, such as terrorist groups. Let us now take a quick look at the need for Corporate Fraud Investigation in UAE and its benefits. 

What are Fraud Investigation Services in Dubai?

Fraud investigation services in Dubai consist of audits that help in identifying, detecting and quantifying any type of financial fraud. It involves several processes such as analysing, assessing and reviewing financial statements to verify their genuineness and accuracy. Such Corporate fraud investigation services help prevent large-scale financial fraud and corruption. It also enables businesses to determine errors, identify culprits and gather evidence against them. In many cases, such auditors will serve as expert witnesses when such cases go to court.

What are the methods used during Fraud Investigation?

  • Brainstorming Session: Use a meeting to discuss the various ways in which businesses might be committing fraud and identify the various risk factors.
  • Testing Journal Entries: Go through the business’s records and journal entries and look for signs of manipulation or fraud.
  • Accounting Estimates: Check for signs of financial manipulation in the subjective art of making accounting estimates.

Benefits of a Fraud Investigation Audit 

  • Helps identify and prevent internal frauds
  • Strengthens the business’s internal controls
  • Save the company from long-term damage 
  • Helps retain the company’s reputation and goodwill
  • Serves as factual information or evidence in a court of law

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