VAT is a charge for the use of both goods and facilities. The government of the GCC has adopted this tax system. It has been introduced on goods and services excluding medicine, medicinal and educational products. The regular rate of taxation is extremely nominal – 5%. End-users are mainly influenced by taxes, but corporations tend to make some adjustments to their systems and processes in order to conform with government regulatory specifications. Therefore, VAT consultancy UAE helps in giving the services for a hassle-free process.

VAT registration is the first step to register the company in compliance with the government’s latest VAT regulations. VAT services in UAE, each entity (natural persons) and businesses (legal persons) carrying on business in the United States, have been required by the Federal Tax Administration (FTA) to charge vat if their total taxable supplies and goods and services imports in the US exceed AED 375,000 over the last 12 months and the previously mentioned turnover in the next 30 days. VA

VAT Return filing in UAE

The VAT e-filing will be available in full online for filing VAT return in Dubai on the site of the federal taxation authority Also, VAT consultancy services in Dubai help with filing the returns. There is no recognition of manual returns. Companies must follow the online protocol in order to file the return. The VAT return filing option is offered by the e-services portion. The returns should be submitted each quarter or weekly. The tax authorities may levy fines for the delay in filing returns. VAT consultants in Dubai will help in filing the returns.

In general, the return filing is online in countries where VAT is already operating and VAT consultants in UAE will assist in filing. 

How relevant is VAT returns? 

The VAT return is just a structured way to record the VAT charged for a given amount of time. The papers, register, and financial statements shall be submitted as per the records. The primary goal of filing a return is to provide the authority with an analysis of the value-added tax. Returns are relevant for the audit and compliance of VAT. It indicates that VAT obligations have been fulfilled. Each person and business registered with VAT must file returns within the 3 months stated. 

In compliance with the VAT laws, the role of the accountancy or tax consultancy is very critical. If it is VAT, VAT, or payment registration, a VAT accounting in Dubai may contribute to smooth VAT procedures.

Calculation rule for VAT in UAE

In order to measure VAT, INPUT TAX is subtracted from the VAT-equivalent OUTPUT TAX, which is the simple law that you can obey. You can learn it by yourself or also VAT service in Dubai makes the process smooth.


output Tax:  the resulting tax is simply VAT on the promotion of products received. 

Input Tax:  VAT is charged for the procurement of unprocessed supplies.

VAT Calculation and VAT Accounting Requirements 

Check that the bill must be implemented for buying merchandise. In comparison, confirmation of taxable goods means the production tax that the vendor can pay and the information shown in the invoices either tax was paid accordingly. 

  • Assign the market value price at the time of sale or account provision along with the decrease in the rate of the input tax so as to be able to meet the amount to be paid. 
  • In the due date, the government determines the payment of the tax and the deposit. 
  • Financial Experience Research 
  • You must preserve in counts, financial statements, VAT returns, correct inventory, paying for VAT and other important proceedings at the time of purchase to legitimise the paid tax. 
  • Provide the government, within a specific deadline, with the significant details required when filing the VAT return in the UAE. 
  • Calculation of VAT 
  • VAT file 
  • Transmit VAT Filing and Procedure Records

What companies are subject to VAT? 

Tax licensed companies managed in the mainland of the UAE and the free zones shall similarly be subject to VAT. If the UAE Cabinet describes a certain area as a “designated area,” however, it must be dealt with for tax purposes as being outside the UAE. Goods are moved between designated areas without penalty.

VAT implications 

Impact of VAT on individuals - 

For the bulk of goods and services transactions, VAT, as a general price fee, applies. There may be a small number of exemptions. 

  • As a result, living costs would potentially marginally rise, though depending on the person’s lifestyle and expenditures. If a person spends more on those items relieved of VAT, there is little hope of a meaningful rise. 
  • The government would have regulations ensuring that corporations consider the amount of VAT each transaction requires of a citizen. Based on this data, people will opt to purchase things.

VAT impact on corporations 

  • Companies shall properly register their company profits, expenses and VAT charges associated with them. 
  • Licensed firms and traders owe VAT at the current rate on all their customers and incur VAT on goods/services they procure from their suppliers. The disparity is reimbursed or billed to the government.

When would firms have to file a return on VAT? 

Taxable corporations are required, as specified in the ‘tax period’ for each form of company, to periodically file VAT returns with FTA within 28 days. A “tax period,” a period during which the tax is assessed and collected is a given period of time. The regular cycle of taxation is: 

  • for firms below AED150 million in annual turnover 
  • AED 150 million or more monthly for firms with an annual turnover.

Last Commercial Business Law No.2 of 2015 restricts: 

Article. 26: Each corporation or entity, as a distinction from closing the financial year, shall retain accounting records for a term of 5 years in compliance with Article 26 of the Legislation. Article 26. 

Article 348: The fine of AED 50,000 – AED 500,000 shall be levied under this Article on holding an accounting record for collapse. 

Article 349: AED 20,000 fines – AED 200,000 is required if an organization or corporation fails to hold records for the defined time period (i.e. five years) in respect of the VAT accounting.

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