Valuation services involve the assessment of the value of an asset, business enterprise, stocks, liabilities, etc.  Valuation companies in Dubai provide companies and individuals the necessary support to meet the regulations and accounting requirements. It is an essential aspect of formulating business strategies and making profitable investments. The value of your business is a chief factor influencing its reputation. Therefore, you can improvise and increase the value of your business by seeking the assistance of the valuation companies in Dubai.

KGRN is one of the reputed valuation companies in Dubai. We provide a wide range of valuation services that will help you get a clear idea of your current status. That, in turn, will help you make better decisions and make profitable investments. Our valuation services are affordable and marked at an affordable price to help both individuals and every business, from an up and coming startup to an accomplished corporate company.

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Types of Valuation services:

Business valuation companies in Dubai and Asset valuation companies are the most common Valuation companies in Dubai. Besides these, here are some of the other types of  valuation services:

  • Industrial valuation
  • Company valuation
  • Residential valuation
  • Asset valuation
  • Business valuation
  • Office valuation
  • Health care and education valuation
  • Building and project valuation
  • Commercial space valuation

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Business valuation companies in Dubai:

KGRN is one of the business valuation companies in Dubai, helping businesses assess their value. Business valuation plays an important role when it comes to decision making and investing. Let’s know more about the services and the importance of business valuation companies in Dubai:

How do business valuation companies in Dubai operate?

Business valuation companies in Dubai help you evaluate and assess your business by adopting the following steps:

  • First, we try to obtain a comprehensive understanding of your business and its ownership.
  • Then, we assess and analyze your company’s finances.
  • Then, we choose an approach to evaluate your company, depending on its requirements.
  • Next, we submit a detailed report on the value of your company, which will help you understand your company’s current position.
  • As the final step, we suggest measures to improve your company’s value in the market.

Advantages of business valuation:

  • Assessing the value of your company is essential during the process of restructuring your business in the form of takeovers, mergers, and acquisitions. 
  • Your business’ reputation depends on its value and plays a role in influencing your associates like partners, shareholders, and creditors. 
  • Business valuation comes in handy during the time of bankruptcy, liquidation, deregistration, and while raising funds for your company.
  • Assessing your business’ value and taking steps to improvise will help you attract investors and ease the process of getting loans.

Asset valuation companies: 

Asset valuation or property valuation involves the process of assessing and evaluating the net worth of a property to help both companies and individuals to make the optimum use of their property.

KGRN, a reputed asset valuation company, provides a wide range of asset valuation services for offices, residences, villas, hotels, resorts, malls, and other tangible and intangible assets.

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How do asset valuation companies operate?

The asset valuation companies in Dubai help you assess the value of your properties by adopting the following procedure:

  • First, we try to analyze the current market value of your property that you are planning to buy or sell.
  • If you are a buyer, we check the property’s potential to be a profitable investment by checking all the key factors.
  • We then do the necessary research work on the market to provide you insights on your property and help you predict its future net worth.
  • We also conduct building inspections to help you identify the necessary repairs and upgrades that will increase your property’s value.

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Advantages of asset valuation:

  • Asset valuation is important to identify the right price of a property, both when buying and selling, to avoid losses. 
  • The asset valuation companies come in handy during company merger processes.
  • Asset valuation can be helpful to businesses during financial audits as accurate documents on the company’s assets must be produced during the inspection.
  • It is helpful during the process of property transfer, as the owner must pay about 5% of its average rental value to the Dubai Land Department during the process.
  • Asset evaluation companies ease the process of getting a loan by helping you evaluate your asset that would serve as collateral.


KGRN is one of the renowned Valuation companies in Dubai. We provide a wide range of valuation services, including business valuation and asset valuation, at an affordable price. 

Here are a few reasons why KGRN makes a perfect choice:

  • Firstly, Our services are always affordable and reasonably priced. You can choose a plan from the range of options available.
  • Secondly, our team of employees is committed to bringing 100% customer satisfaction.
  • We value your time and are keen on completing your job on time.
  • All your private data is encrypted during transactions to avoid privacy and security breaches.
  • Our team of expert advisors and chartered accountants stay updated on the current market status and legislations.
  • We will always respond to your emails and phone calls.

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Frequently asked questions:

  1. Does residential development valuation come under asset valuation?

Valuation companies in Dubai provide residential development valuation to help sellers improve the market value of their property by making necessary upgrades. By the residential development valuation, you can increase the value of your asset and attract profits on selling.

  1. Why do I need to hire business valuation companies in Dubai?

Dubai has a competitive and dynamic business environment. Therefore, to keep pace with your contenders, you need to make smart decisions and profitable investments. Valuation companies in Dubai will help you assess the current value of your business and suggest effective measures to increase it in the long run.

  1. How will asset valuation companies help me in investing in real estate?

You have to be aware of the current market status and the actual value of the property before investing. There are chances where the seller might quote a higher amount than the property’s original value. Asset valuation companies help you identify such deceptions and make the right investments that would benefit you in the long run.


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