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At KGRN Associates we are passionate about connecting with small businesses. We couldn’t have been more delighted when Dubai Chamber of Commerce in its yearly publication forecasted a 7.7 % expansion in the size of its retail market. With investors keen to benefit from the build up to EXPO 2020, the retail sales turnover is expected to surpass $ 52 billion.

So you are a small business and you are rapidly growing paying no heed to the growing pain points. We would not recommend one to throw in the towel yet.

So what if you face tough staffing decisions, an expensive accounting software that is dormant to this day increasing your pricing challenges, planning and placing controls is at its infancy and can’t decide who should be involved in decisions at specific levels, you constantly need the feel to increase that burn rate by becoming an open advocate to new technology (buying a new Mac over a boxy lenovo). One cannot be guarded completely against these pain points.

Businesses however could embrace these pain points and work it to their advantage. Dubai ‘The Port City’ wasn’t immune to road blocks.

To start out you would need a great support system involving a team that owns all your challenges and help you navigate through the ins and outs of starting a business or growing a business. From figuring out how to buy material or how to even price them.

In today’s knowledge based economy accounting services is a hard sell, let’s face it why should one take a hit on his bottom line by paying professional fees.

But then why do bigger firms operate much efficiently ?

Capitalizing from the resource base we have at KGRN working in multiple industries, together we could capitalize on new trends and the financial discipline your business needs.

The answers have changed and we could get you started on the right foot.

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