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Economic Substance Regulations(ESR) UAE

Economic Substance Regulations(ESR) UAE Keeping up with government updates and changes in taxation laws is an integral part of running any business. The ESR UAE guidelines have helped the country improve its credibility with the EU, removing its name from…

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Economic Substance Regulations

The Economic substance Regulations is a directive in the UAE’s tax framework that came into effect from January 1st, 2019. The  ESR applies to all businesses and organizations in the UAE, including onshore companies, free zone companies, non-partnership companies, and…

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Economic substance regulations Dubai

As a member of the OECD Inclusive Framework, the UAE adopted Economic Substance Dubai Regulations. This will help the country improve the transparency and accountability of its taxation system. Doing so has helped the country get off the EU’s tax…

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How to Submit ESR Online

The newly implemented Economic Substance Regulations require eligible entities to submit an ESR Notification form online. The ESR submission requirement involves two separate filings, the notification form, and the ES report. The concerned regulatory authorities set the ESR notification deadline…

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Economic Substance Regulations 2020

The Economic Substance Regulations, better known as ESR guidelines, are a set of compliance requirements that certain companies in the UAE need to follow. The ESR process became a part of the Emirati compliance measures in 2019 by an order…

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