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approved auditors

Gratuity Calculation UAE

Gratuity Calculation UAE A gesture of an organization’s gratitude for an employee’s loyal service is the basic notion behind the remuneration of gratuity. This simple gesture has become strictly governed by the law to ensure the employee’s well-being. A gratuity…

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Approved Auditors in DWC min

Approved Auditors in DWC

External Approved Auditors in DWC, Dubai UAE If your organization needs an external auditor, look no further. KGRN chartered accountant is an approved auditor in DWC that can work for you as an autonomous external auditing firm to give investors,…

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Professional Audit Services in Dubai min

Professional Audit Services in Dubai

Professional Audit Services in Dubai The Professional Audit Services in Dubai guarantee that your organization is agreeable with the set guidelines, benchmarks for monetary announcing, rules, agreements, guidelines, and different awards. Furthermore, these services must comply with the rules in…

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