Approved Auditors in DSO (Dubai Silicon Oasis) is a standout amongst other managed Free Zone of Dubai having a brilliant area with simple access to and from all aspects of Dubai. All such auditors follow guidelines stated in Auditors in Dubai.

As a feature of its guidelines, the DSO Authority requires each company approved with it to submit an annual audit report for its license renewal. The most ideal route for a company to show it’s consistency financially and operationally to the guidelines of DSO auditors is to have an autonomous audit led for the company every year and present the audit report. Hence, all businesses should opt for Auditors in DSO to get the best possible service.

Our Audit Firm, KGRN Chartered Accountants, is one of the Top Approved Auditors in DSO to give the audit services to unlisted companies. Our Audit Team is qualified and guaranteed to give fantastic audit services planned for giving straightforwardness to your Company’s Financial Statements. Since we are DSO Auditors, you will never have to worry about your compliance ever again if you partner with us.

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Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) is an unhindered commerce zone claimed by the legislature of Dubai. DSO was propelled in 2004. Also, the fundamental target of the DSO was to give a stage to the cutting edge innovation industry. Furthermore, the DSO encourages and elevates the business identified with present-day innovation. As a result, all Dubai Silicon Oasis Audit (DSOA) Approved Auditors have a clear understanding of how to manage your reports efficiently. 

In the first place, it is a cutting edge innovation centre point controlled by the services of Dubai. If your business is approved by the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA), you need to adhere to the laws and guidelines as per the DSOA. Furthermore, all your company audits need to follow the compliance requirements mentioned in Auditors in Dubai.

KGRN Accounting Group is a specific organization in the field of tax collection, auditing and warning. KGRN Group has the best DSO free zone approved auditors. We are enlisted with the audit services in Dubai and we give free external audit reports and budget reports. Furthermore, we are one of the UAE’s top  DSO Approved Auditors. Lastly, the KGRN Group will help you in consistency with the DSOA rules and guidelines.

Preferences Offered to DSO Clients

The free zone offers numerous advantages to the organizations which have been enlisted in the free zone. A portion of the approved auditors in DSO advantages have been referenced beneath:

  • Firstly, the state of the workmanship foundation and the most recent innovation for the DSO IT Sector
  • Secondly, simplified business bolster services with the nearness of an online business framework
  • Thirdly, easy accessibility to business arrangement licenses and other essential services
  • Fourthly, easy access to purchaser market of 1.5 billion individuals (markets of three landmasses)
  • Also, organisations get 100% external possession and repatriation of capital and benefits
  • Additionally, they require no Income or Corporate Tax
  • Furthermore, there is the easy accessibility of work and specialized experts
  • Lastly, the incentives on speculation as indicated by the guidelines set by the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA)

There are numerous different advantages accessible to a customer of the Best Approved Auditors in DSO which makes it one of the most rewarding free zones for setting up an organization particularly one which manages the mechanical segment. Furthermore, being associated with  DSO Approved Auditors provides better credibility to your reports.

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The necessity of an External Auditors in DSO

Auditors will assist with understanding the present working of the business and will likewise license the services to make sense of how they might change the different procedures which will suit the business in a superior manner. This is the motivation behind why the DSOA requires all the organizations in the free zone to present their fiscal summaries. Afterwards, these records go through the hands of approved auditors. Furthermore, the audit firm checks for approval from the DSO. One should submit these fiscal reports before four months of the closure of the finance-related year. These external approved auditors in DSO will likewise license the organizations to reestablish the license to operate. Also, Registered audit firms in Dubai Silicon Oasis provides technology-driven solutions to all your auditing and accounting problems.

One of the primary reasons having external auditors in DSO is that the audit will give affirmation to the services of the free zone that the organizations which are approved in the free zone are agreeable to the principles and guidelines as set by the services. The audit report secured from an approved audit firm will likewise help in the duration of the business and will likewise license the services of the organization to streamline the different procedures of the organization.

DSO Assignments:

In the year 2014, the laws identifying the top approved auditors in DSO were amended. And thus the different pre necessities for auditors and explicitly an enlisted DSO auditor bit by bit turned out to be progressively stringent. They presently expected to perform to assignments which were:

  1. The Audit firms currently needed to show the confirmation to the workers that they will get different chances with the goal that they can take an interest in the different preparing and improvement program
  2. It is fundamental for all the organizations benefiting the services of auditors to guarantee the freedom of the DSO external auditors. This should be possible by turning the auditors at regular intervals.

All things considered, we can say that by professional audit services, an organization can profit extraordinarily as it will enable the organization to gain from their slip-ups and offer some kind of reparation. If you are needing a bookkeeping firm in the Dubai Silicon Oasis at that point dread not, KGRN Chartered Accountants won’t just assist you with understanding the circumstance of the business however will likewise give different services so the organization can arrive at extraordinary achievement.

Why External Audit Service Required in Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO)?

The United Arab Emirates is an attractive spot to arrange a DSO business as the nation offers everything that a maturing business visionary of the organization can request. The key area, less or no tax suggestion, mindfulness and getting government and the nearness of one of the greatest and developing markets are just a portion of the reasons which draw people and organizations from all around the globe.

There is likewise an exceptionally huge factor that assumes an extremely large job in drawing in the organizations which is the accessibility of DSO free zones. These DSO free zones offer a lot of advantages and help in boosting the worldwide business.

Right now will discuss the Dubai Silicon Oasis and the need for approved auditors in the referenced free zone

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Types of business and organizations in DSO free zone

Organizations in the DSO must get a substantial license from the DSO power to legitimize and proceed with their business. Here are the sorts of organizations that are a lawful substance in the DSO.

Free Zone Company

An organization with at least two DSO-enlisted investors becomes a Free Zone Company. The capital required to establish a Free Zone Company comes up to AED 500,000. Hence, we can see that such companies tend to be a little larger.

Free Zone Establishment

To begin the free zone foundation business in the Dubai Silicon Oasis, there is a base capital necessity of AED 1,000,000. Even a solitary investor can build up such a legitimate element. Hence, these establishments can become small companies or large corporations.

Establishment of a nearby or universal organization or business

A nearby or universal business can enlist itself with Dubai Silicon Oasis free zone. There is no base capital limitation for the part of nearby or universal business substances

Advantages of working together in DSO

The organizations that are doing the business in the Dubai Silicon Oasis can get the accompanying advantages and offices:


  • Firstly, it allows for 100 percent remote possession
  • Secondly, it makes Virtual office and stockroom offices a reality
  • Thirdly, it offers support to the IT framework
  • Fourthly, it does not require any corporate or individual duties
  • Additionally, organisations get an exemption from import and fare charges
  • Also, repatriation of capital and benefits is a possibility
  • Lastly, it allows for the fast track authorizing and business arrangement

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KGRN Approved Auditors in DSO

KGRN Approved Auditors in DSO is giving external auditing services in the DSO free zone and other free zones in the UAE. We will probably give quality assistance in the field of auditing. Our DSO free zone approved auditor causes you to structure and set up the budget reports as indicated by the measures of DSO and ISA. Likewise, our auditing group consists of Approved Auditors in DSO. Furthermore, our auditors also have the approval of significant banks and financial foundations.

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