IFRS 16 summary

IFRS 16 summary and course of events

An IFRS 16 summary leases, remembering data for Current recommendations and a course of events of past corrections, declarations, introduction drafts, and conferences. The IFRS 16 summary will now be an integral part of UAE’s real-estate infrastructure. Are you aware of the laws regarding the IFRS 16 sublease? Here’s a quick look at a summary of IFRS, and the need for sublease accounting IFRS guidelines. 

IFRS 16 summary

IFRS 16 summary replaces IAS 17. It gives a solitary lessee accounting model for all leases. Meanwhile, it holds a two model methodology for lessors. Therefore, it is vital homeowners update themselves regarding the IFRS 16 summary.


As the greatest change to lease accounting firms in Dubai in 30 years, IFRS 16 summary reforms how leases are represented. The new gauges bring more prominent clearness and likeness of organizations’ financial statements. It does so by also perceiving all benefits and liabilities emerging from leases on accounting reports. Under Current IAS 17, working leases are not required to include ‘on asset report‘, expecting speculators to make modifications regularly over-evaluating financial related reality. However, this system will change drastically with the adoption of the IFRS 16 sublease.

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What’s going on?

All leases will be remembered for the financial advisory services in Dubai record, barring momentary leases and little ticket resources. This standard replaces IAS 17. Hence, the IFRS 16 sublease will change the face of tenancy and occupation within the UAE.

Who will be affected?

All organizations that lease resources; roughly 1 of every 2 recorded organizations What will be affected by Gearing proportion, Current proportion, resource turnover, premium spread, EBIT, EBITA, EBITA, working benefit, overall gain, EPS, ROCE, ROE, and working incomes. Hence, all related businesses must update themselves regarding IFRS 16 sublease accounting entries.

Execution Deadline first January 2019 + review reports early appropriation accessible close by IFRS 15 ‘Income from Contracts with Customers’.

Quick Implications 

An expected US$2.8 Trillion of lease responsibilities will make advances in financial records influencing resources, liabilities, deterioration, and income. Elements need to accumulate and audit every dynamic lease to create required reports.

Fundamental Changes

  • Leases will never again be dependent on hazard and prize, yet rather on who controls the ROU resource.
  • Meaning of a lease may bring about understandings on leases characterized as administrations. It can also happen the other way around. Also, certain changes will come into force regarding the adoption of IFRS 16 sublease accounting entries.
  • Changes to income introduction, estimations of lease liabilities and acknowledgement of lease costs
  • The new direction for lease variations including deal and leaseback and subleases
  • Review announcing will expect leaders to audit all leases; although change reliefs are accessible.
  • Working and fund leases will adequately stop to exist as all leases will be represented “on financial record“.
  • The new standard will affect an organization’s advantage turnover, premium spread, EBIT (A/AR), working benefit, net gain, incomes, and financial proportions, among others.
  • Momentary leases and little ticket resources are not a part of the accounting report announcing
  • This new standard will supplant IAS 17, be that as it may, lesser accounting remains primarily unaltered.
  • The IASB gauges that 1 out of 2 recorded organizations will feel some impact.
  • The new advisory firms in Dubai standard will be successful from January first, 2019. A few leaders should deliver relative financial records and P&L reports for financial related a very long time before this date.
  • Early appropriation is accessible, however just close by IFRSS 15 ‘Income from Contracts with Customers’
  • IASB has given change reliefs to lessen financial related weights

IFRS 16: For enquiries call: +971 45 570 204 / Email Us: support@kgrnaudit.com

The definition of a lease

As all IFRS 16 summary are “on financial record”. Leases will never again be working lease or financial lease as they as of now are under IAS 17. Rather than being on hazard and prize, the order of leases will concentrate on control of the privilege of utilization resource. Specifically, the contrast between a lease and assistance is important. To give more prominent lucidity on the meaning of a lease versus administration, IFRS 16 summary expresses a lease as: ‘an agreement or part of an agreement that passes on the privilege to utilize a benefit (the basic resource) for a while in return for thought’.

A lease exists when a client controls the privilege to utilize a distinguished thing, which is the point at which, the client:

Has select utilization of the thing for a while. Choose how to utilize it normally. Understandings that were earlier leases under IAS 17 may never again meet the IFRS 16 particular and the other way around

Progress reliefs

To lessen the expenses and operational requests of this change, IFRS 16 incorporates special cases and adjustments. IFRS 16 summary will present an expected US$2.8 trillion of lease duties to worldwide accounting reports, yet we exclude all leases as substances are not required to report: – Short term leases that range a year or less – Small ticket resource leases that are; o not subject to, or profoundly interrelated with, other leased resources o inside the proposed edge of generally $5,000 as the estimation of the fundamental resource when new. The most unpredictable part of this change is the little window where lessees must record for leases that are at present utilizing IAS 17 and stretch out into the usage of IFRS 16. Leases should create review reports for these understandings to give an unmistakable examination of how their accounting reports have changed and guarantee proceeded with consistency.

Searching for the standard?

Down to earth direction on this standard is presently on our primary IFRS 16 Leases page, with connections to IFRS, the full content standard, eBooks and different assets.

Lessees perceive a right-of-utilization resource and a lease obligation at the beginning of a lease.

  • The resource is at first perceived at the measure of the lease risk in addition to beginning direct costs. The estimation is according to the utilizing of the cost model. Except if the basic resource speculation estimate is at a reasonable worth or PPE estimated under the revaluation model.
  • The risk is at first estimated at the present estimation of the lease instalments over the lease term, limited at the rate certain in the lease.

A political race on a lease-by-lease premise to apply elective accounting treatment to leases with a term of under a year and leases for low worth resources. For this situation, lease instalments as a cost on a straight-line premise, or another methodical premise, over the lease term.

Lessors order leases as either working or account leases:

  • Operating lease salary is on a straight line premise over the lease term; the hidden resource exhibits in the announcement of financial position (accounting report).
  • Finance lease salary occurs over the time of the lease to mirror a consistent occasional pace of return. The fundamental resource derecognizes and a receivable perceived rather, estimated at first at the net interest in the lease.

Current recommendations

The IASB suggests making an alteration to an Illustrative Example. Going with IFRS 16 summary making it a component of the following yearly enhancements venture. This revision will help expel perplexity encompassing representing lease motivating forces. We, at KGRN, can help you with all your sublease accounting needs as and when they arise. 

IFRS 16: For enquiries call: +971 45 570 204 / Email Us: support@kgrnaudit.com


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