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The accounting processes in any establishment is a necessary, integral and imperative factor for the company’s growth.  Chartered accountant firms all over UAE help in making your company legally valid and safe. These firms also make the essential process of audit and finance accounting easier than before.

The financial statement of any company at any given time reflect upon the growth pattern and potential risks that the company is facing. The audit process are extensions of the federal laws. Hence, chartered accountants are liable to prepare the report in complete compliance with these guidelines as well as according to the International Standard for Financial Reporting. The auditors/Chartered Accountants have years’ worth of experience making them professionally trained at identifying and correcting irregularities in financial records. They also have the acquaintance with all advancement and methods to improve the monetary horizons in which the establishment exists.

The submission of audit reports for mainland incorporations is mandatory. Therefore, the annual audits have to be over within 3-6 months from the close of financial years.

The Free Zone Companies do not require obligatory submission of the audit report. However, they are liable to conduct the audit and appoint chartered accountants approved by the free zone authorities for the external audit.

The UAE Commercial Company Law governs various aspects of this process and delivers the guidelines that companies need to follow.

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Practice and Application:

The chartered accountants are entrusted with the job of assessing the financial records complying with regulations and recognize and isolate cases of incongruities. Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah are the core source of multiple investing economies in the UAE, and there are well-established Chartered Accountants in UAE within these jurisdictions with a proficient team of chartered accountants to provide invaluable service to the establishments in these zones.

The estimated period of an audit may vary from 30 to 90 days, depending on factors like an expanse, strategy, and record availability.

The companies must maintain their financial records for a minimum period of 5 years.

The external audits begin after the end of the financial year while internal audits are a continuous process. The establishments must appoint a skilled and proficient chartered accountant for the internal audits which will reduce the number of financial irregularities at the end of the market year.

Usually, the dates for the external/statutory audit come out quite early. The audit process then begins with a strategy discussion session, which involves the consultation from the firm’s professional auditors, internal auditor, and the company officials.

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Information For Chartered Accountant Firms

The CA firm must receive all the required information regarding an establishment’s controls to evaluate its efficiency. The test of controls is one of the preliminary variables accounted for in the process.

The auditors will request for the documentation to be submitted which by default also includes the previous audit reports.

The list would include receipts, invoices, expenditure records, records of tangible assets, tax duties, tax returns, etc. The mentioned documents are inclusive of both the debits and credits acquired by the company.

Any processes that are not part of the mainstream industry and yet functions under the records of the company must be specified. The auditors must be completely aware of all the undertakings of the establishments and the corresponding expenditures and profits incurred by the enterprise.

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How CA Firms Can Help

The major concern is to eliminate and eradicate frauds, and tax frauds are gravely injurious to the company’s reputation and may lead to unsolicited penalties. Moreover, in some instances, even termination of the business license may be on the table.

The recalculation and assessment process conducted by the chartered accountants will retrace the source of the anomalies and eliminate future threats. For instance, experienced Chartered Accountants can retrace the history of financial transactions and ensure their credibility.

The risk assessment conducted by the auditors will reveal the current and future market stature of the establishment in concern. The solutions to these problems are also invariably provided by the appointed chartered accountants and also help with the process of implementation. The audit report delivered at the end of the audit is a documented record of the establishment’s complete financial year effect. A good audit report will be the source to lure investors and bankers to fund the enterprise’s endeavour.

Lastly, reputation among legal authorities depends on compliance with decrees and a clean financial statement. By working with an experienced auditor, your company can have both, helping you stay reliable and credible.

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Chartered Accountant Firms in UAE :

Auditing services are an integral part of running a business in the UAE. Authorized Chartered Accountant firms, therefore, help businesses expand their skylines to higher monetary stabilities. The emirates in UAE are distinct with the considerably varying decree and guiding principle in each jurisdiction. The established CA firms being aware of such necessities for each different jurisdiction, provide services accordingly. The services vary unique even considering the differences between the mainland, offshore, and free-zone endeavours. Hence, the core duties of an auditor include:

  • Warrant compliance of the financial records to the issued policies and laws.
  • To conduct a thorough assessment of assets, resources, and liabilities.
  • File an authentic and reliable audit report accounting for the company’s endeavour.
  • Deliver recommendations for the advancement of the establishment and eliminate possible threats within the organization.

KGRN Audit Firm is a well established chartered accountant firm within the jurisdictions of Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. As a result, our firm can help your companies, whether they are mainland incorporations or free zone endeavours.

The decrees have significant and relative variations in all these jurisdictions. The audit firms are well aware of these and implement all necessary procedures to provide the most efficient service. Therefore, as you can see, having the right chartered accountant firm backing you is important in maintaining a credible and trustworthy business.

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