Audit firms in Abu Dhabi

List of Audit firms in Abu Dhabi, in general, are companies that help businesses identify inefficiencies that weigh down an organization and eliminate them. They also help in identifying thefts and fraudulent activities within a company. This way, audit services in Abu Dhabi help in bringing regulation to a company’s economic structure.

The process of auditing usually involves the analysis and examination of an organization’s financial reports by auditing professionals independent of the organization. The primary purpose of auditing companies in Abu Dhabi is to assess the economic wellness of a firm. It is necessary because a firm’s financial stability directly reflects on the total economy of a country.

Types of audits in Abu Dhabi, UAE:

Audit firms in UAE help organizations conduct the following audits:

  • Internal audit
  • External audit
  • Tax audit
  • Fraud investigation audit
  • Forensic audit
  • Compliance audit

What exactly do Auditors in Abu Dhabi do?

Auditors in Abu Dhabi help in optimizing your business’ finances and help identify inefficiencies or fraudulent activities taking place within your company. They do that by adopting the following procedures:

  • Analyzing and examining financial reports like balance sheets, income statements, equity change statements, and cash flow statements
  • Judging the estimates the management has made in the financial reports
  • Asking questions or investigating, in case of fraud investigation audits
  • Collecting information on the debts of a company
  • Getting written statements that might come in handy during legal procedures
  • Testing a company’s internal controls
  • Overseeing crucial procedures 

What happens during an audit?

  • You will have to prepare your organization’s financial reports before an audit with the help of professional accountants.
  • You will have to get approval for the financial reports from your organization’s board of directors before presenting them before the auditors.
  • On submission, auditors examine and analyze the legitimacy and accuracy of the reports.
  • The auditors analyze the risks involved in each of the activities your company performs and its financial impacts.
  • In case of negative impacts or risks, the auditors also put forth solutions and measures to mitigate the same.
  • They also examine and check the accuracy of the book of records and the supporting evidence.
  • As a final step of the audit, the auditors produce a statement on your organization’s financial structure from their point of view.
  • You will get an audit report from the auditors once the process gets completed. You can share this report with your shareholders and investors or use them for legal purposes.

Advantages of auditing companies in Abu Dhabi:

  • You can get an assurance of the legitimacy of your financial reports. 
  • With the help of professional Abu Dhabi auditors and periodic audits,  you can always be a step ahead of your contenders, have a great social image, and avoid penalties. 
  • You can bring organization to your company’s economic structure by conducting periodic audits.
  • By outsourcing your auditors, you can get opinions and financial advice from an independent point of view.
  • By conducting periodic audits, you can identify and eliminate fraudulent activities and thefts happening within your company. 
  • It will also check the behaviour of your staff members as they know that they are prone to scrutiny.


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