Management Audit Services Dubai

What is Management Audit?

Management Audit is an objective and independent appraisal of Management’s effectiveness in
attaining the overall objective of the business. It also focuses on identifying the weak areas of
the management and suggesting the steps to overcome such weakness. It is a thorough-going,
critical & constructive review of the quality of the management. Management Audit Services in Dubai is usually
conducted by External Independent Persons. The Primary objective of Management Audit is to
motivate the Management to initiate necessary actions that will bring great efficiency and
profitability to the organization.

Purpose of Management Audit:

  • To assist the Management in framing its Plan, Objectives and Policies.
  • To examine whether the integrated Management system is functioning properly and to
    present a true & fair result of such examination.
  • To create co-ordination among various departments and help the Management in
    effective discharge of their duties.
  • To ensure whether the organization is having a strong internal control system & ensure
    that such system is functioning properly.
  • To provide the Management a basis for Critical evaluation which will help them to
    overcome their deficiencies

Scope of Management Audit:

  • The organizational structure setup by the Management
  • Relationship among the Employees of the organization
  • Services provided by the Management to satisfy the Stakeholders
  • Steps taken by the Management to attain the Financial target of the entity
  • Efficiency in Production & Sales
  • Other Key aspects like Management of Purchases, Distribution, Finance & Accounts etc.
    are also covered by Management Audit

A good internal management system is required to run the Business efficiently. To
adapt to emerging Business environment & to take on new opportunities, a good
Management system needs to be implemented.

KGRN for your Management Audit Services Dubai

KGRN Chartered Accountants provides Management audit services in Dubai with a view to assist the
Management of your Business to function with Efficiency & provide Suggestions to develop
your performance from the current state. Our motive is to first establish a high degree of
Co-ordination in your organization. By understanding the Strengths & Weaknesses in the
Management of your organization we will provide Customized plans to make your
Management function Smart.

Reference: Khaleej Times

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