IFRS 16 Standard

ifrs 16 standardIFRS 16 Standard Leases prescribes a solitary lessee accounting model that requires the acknowledgment of advantage and relating obligation for all leases with terms more than a year except if the hidden resource is of low value. Lessors keep on applying a two-model methodology. The standard was distributed in January 2016 and is successful from 1 January 2019.

Full content standard

Unaccompanied form of IFRS 16 Standard

The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) gives free access to the solidified unaccompanied global accounting firms in dubai gauges for the present year through its site. Free enrollment is required.
This unaccompanied form does exclude extra substance that goes with the full standard, for example, illustrative models, execution direction and bases for ends.

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IFRS 16 outline and course of events

Searching for the outline? Our IFRS 16 Standard outline and course of events are presently on a different page, highlighting data on a current proposition and a timetable of IASB refreshes.

Which version of the standard?

Financial related Reporting Faculty individuals have boundless online access to the merged release of IFRS 16 Standard and alterations through the IASB’s IFRS administration. If you don’t mind sign into eIFRS to get to electronic variants of the gauges or then again discover progressively about how to join the personnel

UK diminished revelations

UK qualifying guardians and backups can exploit FRS 101 Reduced Disclosure Framework. Our FRS 101 page gives more data on which substances qualify and the criteria to be met.

Disclosure exclusions


• No prerequisite to unveil separate data about leases.
• The exception from the necessity to introduce a development examination for rent liabilities as per the prerequisites of IFRS 7 is accessible just when the substance gives a different development investigation to rent liabilities as per organization law.


• No necessity to uncover benefit or misfortune.
• No necessity to give clarifications of note values changes in the net interest in financial leases.

ICAEW guides and support

Factsheets and FAQs

IFRS 16 Leases

Financial Reporting Faculty, August 2019
This factsheet furnishes a diagram of IFRS 16 Standard with an emphasis on renter accounting, including acknowledgment, and right-of-utilization resource and obligation estimation. It gives functional tips on execution and answers some every now and again posed inquiries.

IFRS 16 Leases

Financial Reporting Faculty, March 2016

This FAQ addresses individuals’ underlying inquiries on the IASB’s new rents standard, covering themes, for example, the new IFRS 16 Standard rent accounting model, changes for lessors, Disclosure necessities, progress game plans, and the effect on various business segments.

Annual factsheets

These select factsheets, delivered every year by the Financial Reporting Faculty for its individuals, feature all new and adjusted necessities for preparers of IFRS 16 Standard accounts. Every Annual release centers essentially on new necessities with compulsory application for preparers with periods starting on or following 1 January of that year.

2019 IFRS accounts

Financial related Reporting Faculty, 4 December 2019

2018 IFRS Accounts
Financial related Reporting Faculty, 6 August 2018

2017 IFRS Accounts
Financial related Reporting Faculty, 30 April 2018

IFRS 16 Leases: Putting hypothesis into training

Apparently, July 2017

Exceptional issue of the Financial Reporting Faculty’s magazine concentrating on IFRS 16 Standard, showing sees from the main specialists to assist individuals with anticipating the progressions ahead.

IFRS Update June 2018

Financial related Reporting Faculty, 19 June 2018

This online class gives a synopsis of new and amended gauges relevant in 2018 and past. It takes a gander at the exercises KGRN can gain from those previously executing IFRS 9 and IFRS 15, the effect of IFRS 16 Standard on 2018 fiscal summaries, IFRS 17 for the individuals who are not back up plans, and different IFRS changes and new IFRICs.

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IFRS 16 Lease – comprehending the new standard

Financial related Reporting Faculty, 26 July 2017

IFRS 16 is compelling for Annual periods starting on or after 1 January 2019. As this date moves nearer and nearer, this online class for Financial Reporting Faculty individuals will advise you regarding the standard’s key necessities before concentrating on commonsense issues and usage challenges.

Model records
IFRS model records and revelation agendas
Online revelation agendas, general IFRS 16 Standard illustrative articulations and consistence surveys gathered by the ICAEW Library

Organization Reporting (Crooner-I)
The ICAEW Library can give instances of genuine organization reports to help stay up with the latest with detailing practices and benchmark your financial related revealing consistency. Organization reporting examinations current IFRS 16 Standard divulgences from open organizations, sorted out by industry segment. It additionally gives nitty-gritty month to month Common Practice provides details regarding explicit issues.
External assets
A few guides and correlations that we connect to may pre-date the most recent alterations to this standard. While these assets contain valuable data if it’s not too much trouble treat them with suitable alert.

IFRS 16 Thematic Audit

Audit of Interim Disclosures in the First Year of Application

FRC, November 2019

Report with selections of distributed records representing genuine instances of divulgence and the FRC’s key discoveries on progress to IFRS 16 Standard, changes to accounting and bookkeping services in dubai strategies, progress Disclosures, critical decisions, revelations, and similarity and utilization of elective execution measures (APMs)

EY, December 2018

Top to bottom guide talking about key ideas of the standard, renter accounting, lessor accounting, subleases, sale and leaseback exchanges, business blends, and progress issues it incorporates a table demonstrating key contrasts between IFRS 16 Standard and IAS 17, and a table condensing the distinctions with US GAAP.

Applying IFRS: Presentation and Disclosure necessities of IFRS 16 Leases

EY, November 2018

Top to bottom guide looking at introduction in the essential budget reports, divulgences in the notes to the fiscal summaries, and progress Disclosures the guide likewise incorporates extricates from EY’s IFRS divulgence agenda.

Applying IFRS 16 Standard: Impairment contemplations for the new renting standard

EY, November 2018

Inside and out guide looking at the potential impacts of IFRS 16 Standard on debilitation testing It manages the hindrance of right-of-utilization resources, testing gatherings of Financial producing units for debilitation, different factors, and progress techniques.

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