The whole world is captured by money. Meanwhile, today, the world is facing rapid growth in its economic status. Moreover, companies and people across the globe started setting up a business to gain profits, in the business centre of the world- Dubai. Accounting- A recurrent word related with numbers, calculations and financial communications. In addition, be it a start-up or well-established companies or entities, accounting holds and anchorage at the base. Indeed, the more common the word started influencing, the more the classification for accounting came into existence. However, one such classification is “Tax Accounting”. Have you heard about the term ‘tax accounting’? Tax Accounting is simply the accounting takes place in taxation systems that define the guidelines and the information. It is followed by the company to return the tax file. It is also called as cash-based accounting.

Why do we need Tax Accounting in the UAE?

The IFRS- International Financial Reporting Standards decides the accounting standards of the UAE. Meanwhile, the FTA of the UAE introduced taxation systems with the ultimate goal of variegating global economics and influences the business to the whole world. Tax Accounting has incarcerated the world’s finance systems which in turn was accepted internationally. Moreover, just like the Chartered Accountant, Tax Accountants have also started increasing rapidly. However, from the year 2017, the FTA in UAE started opening registrations for tax agents. Indeed, tax agents in UAE make official and legal works easier for businessmen.

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Types of tax accounting:

Tax Accounting has been classified into eight types of accounting. They are as follows:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Cost Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Tax Accounting
  • Accounting Information Systems
  • Fiduciary Accounting
  • Forensic Accounting

Significance of Tax Accounting:

  • International taxation is possible
  • Transfer pricing
  • It takes complete control over the budgets
  • Profit and loss can be pictured
  • Decision making becomes quick and faster

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Tax Agents for tax accounting:

Setting up a business and reaching high profits are not the only duties for businessmen, paying taxes and following certain rules are also a part of their works. In order to get a clear picture of all these, ‘tax agents’ appear insightful. Moreover, in order to overcome all the challenges being faced by our world, many steps are taken. Further, one such crucial step is tax accounting.

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What do tax agents do?

Tax agents give a clear and distinct picture of the taxation systems. They, however, help you to follow your responsibilities and file taxes without any flaws. Meanwhile, tax agents can be entrusted completely. Moreover, they look after all the documentation, issues in tax and other legal works related to tax. Indeed, Dubai tax agents are hired on behalf of someone to work under the FTA. Moreover, UAE tax agents are much more qualified than other accountants. However, tax agents in Dubai help businessmen to pay the taxes regularly and clear all doubt related taxes.

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Want to become a tax agent in the UAE?

There are certain requirements to possess a tax agent post. They are:

  1. You should have experience in the tax services at least for 3 years
  2. Good linguism in Arabic and English
  3. Bachelor or master degree in tax, law or accounting. The certificates must be from an accredited institution.
  4. You must pass the FTA test
  5. Physical fitness is must
  6. Professional indemnity insurance should be available for you
  7. You must have a good conduct certificate. 
  8. No stains of crime or any violation in the law

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How to register for a tax agent post?

  1.  Firstly, apply for a tax agent post by filling out the FTA application
  2. The FTA needs a little additional information. Until the process is continued, ‘pending’ will be the application status
  3.   If the application is approved, you’ll receive a TAN- Tax Agency Number
  4.   With the TAN, you can proceed in the portal

Benefits of hiring tax agents:

Even though tax agents are not mandatory, having one has more advantages such as follows:

  •  You can save both time and money
  • Taxes are calculated and tax returns are filed
  • Help in registering taxes
  • Representation before the FTA will be made
  • Maximum of VAT is recovered by all the professional negotiations made
  • Low chances of risk
  • Every information and particulars are a record of the tax services

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Duties of a tax agent:

There are many duties and responsibilities a tax agent does. Moreover, tax agents carry incredible work in tax services. As a result, few of the tax agent’s duties are as follows:

  • They ensure proper routine with paying taxes
  • They keep the company’s information private
  • Any causes for the fall in the integrity of the country’s financial and tax system will be avoided
  • Tax compliance will be consummated
  • All legal activities will be taken care of
  • Records are directed
  • VAT return filing is done
  • Retaining books of accounts
  • During tax audits, the tax agents will take initiatives for all the documentation to be shown

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1.  Who is a tax agent?

Tax agents are qualified accountants who represent a taxable person before the FTA.

2. How many types of accounting are there?

There are eight different types of accounting.

3. When does the tax agent’s application will be cancelled?

When the registration applications are not right, the tax agent’s application will be cancelled.

4. What is a double tax treaty?

Two countries may sign a double tax treaty to avoid double taxations during the import and export.

5. What is a Tax Agency?

A tax agency is a legal authority which performs tax registrations under the FTA.

6. Are there any exams for the tax agency?

Yes, there are exams for the tax agency.

7. What is tax reconsideration form?

A tax reconsideration form comes into the picture when the tax agent has to pay penalties. Indeed, he/she can apply the tax reconsideration form to the FTA- Federal Tax Authority.

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