Founded in 2003, KGRN is truly a full-service accounting and business growth company that businesses of all types turn to for unmatched quality and a variety of services. KGRN is pleased to be among the most respected audit firms in Dubai. While other auditing companies in Dubai are less experienced or perhaps even less competent, KGRN has more than a decade of experience satisfying clients. Upstart auditing firms in Dubai simply can’t match that established history and a strong reputation.

Internal audit firms in Dubai are not all the same, as you’ll see when you contact us and start to experience the professional level of service we provide. You can choose other audit firms in Dubai to evaluate if you must, but like so many others will you almost certainly come to us. Because we serve you with distinction, we can help you grow your business. And all you have to do is contact us to get started.

KGRN Accounting Associates is a medium-size Accountancy firm, with its head office in Dubai, UAE. It was founded in 2003, by G Rama Naidu and currently employs experienced and qualified Chartered Accountants having a notable presence in Chennai & Melbourne, apart from Dubai. KGRN is a reputed Auditing firm, Internal Audit Firms and Auditing Companies based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We are among the top listed Internal Audit Firms and Auditing Firms in Dubai, UAE.

The business environment, these days has become more challenging and competitive. Organizations deserve an accounting firm that will guide them through the complexities of financial reporting while supporting them in every aspect of their business. Our team at KGRN brings extensive experience and commitment to deliver these services with the highest level of professional integrity.

At KGRN, accounting procedures are typically coordinated by our team of trained and qualified CA’s who are responsible for recording all incoming and outgoing transactions, maintaining consistent records and creating financial statements. KGRN Accounting Associates offer a variety of services to meet their client needs.

  • We are a team of accounting professionals dedicated to providing Quality Accounting Solutions to all its customers.
  • We also offer Business Growth services designed to help business owners improve profits and increase operational efficiency.
  • KGRN professionals are experienced in performing Audits, Reviews, and Compilations for entities of all kinds and sizes. Our accounting and assurance services operate form core values of vision, trust, and integrity.
  • Our team of Employee Benefit Specialists can help you set up Employee Benefit Plans and prepare reports to comply with government regulations.
  • We provide high-quality Recruitment Services in all areas but have extensive experience in the areas of finance, business development and general corporate management. At KGRN, we meet the needs of our diverse client base by offering a fully comprehensive executive recruitment process to ensure that our clients get the “THE RIGHT” person for the job.
  • Accessing capital and locating funds can be the most difficult task for any company. KGRN specialists can work with your business to identify and secure Financing Opportunities and build a network of financial support that will meet your present needs and prepare you for future business growth.
  • Our Fraud Investigation team at KGRN can help you address the challenges and risks of doing business in today’s environment. Through a fraud risk assessment, we help you identify your most significant risk areas, so they can be better managed.
  • KGRN provides a range of services, which includes IT Risk Management, Business Continuity, and IT Security Services. We use the latest technologies and strategies to manage and protect vital organization information.
  • Our team of professional advisors serves as an Investment Advisor to individuals, businesses, trusts, partnerships, estates and non-profit organizations. We provide support in tax planning, business planning, networking and can provide abundance advice on matters such as financing, compensation, benefits strategies, and risk mitigation.